Electrostimulation and Golf


Golf and electrostimulation go hand in hand. Golf is a precision sport in which the metabolic requirements (caloric expenditure, heart rate, lactate accumulation …) are not too high. Very often, people tend to think wrongly that it is alow demand sport, in which injuries will be improbable and the physical preparation does not play a fundamental role. This misguided reasoning […]

Wiemspro increases its international prensence in Fibo 2017


Wiemspro is positioned in the market as the benchmark of the electrostimulation systems in terms of training technology. Its versatility, easy-usage and ability to control each parameter of the electric wave and training has left a breathtaking impression in professionals and visitors of FIBO Cologne 2017. The lastest developments in electrostimulation, Fibo Cologne 2017 Wiemspro took advantage of this event demostrating why […]