Electrostimulation Professional: Get Certified and Boost Your Business

electrostimulation professional Certified

Electrostimulation is being increasingly applied and demanded in a large number of areas related to health, aesthetics and fitness. As a result, it is becoming a trend in the present and is assured of a great future. Therefore, it presents itself as an excellent career opportunity for many future professionals interested in this field of […]

Wiemspro Electrostimulation in the Fitness Sector

Electro stimulation in Fitness Sector

Any fitness business needs to update itself, differentiate itself from the competition, and offer valuable alternatives capable of seducing and building customer loyalty. Electrostimulation has become an extraordinary opportunity in the fitness sector. Betting on these techniques means standing out from the competition, offering effective procedures of state-of-the-art technology that ensure spectacular results, and counting […]

Why use Electrostimulation in Physiotherapy on your patients?

Physiotherapy with electrostimulation

Electrotherapy is one of the disciplines within physiotherapy with the greatest potential. Technology has come to change and improve our lives and keeps advancing in the fields of rehabilitation and treatment of muscle injuries. So much so that, if you have studied this career track in recent years, you will surely have had to take […]

Why choose the Wiemspro Electrostimulation System for your Fitness Business?

Wiemspro in the Fitness sector

f you surf the web a little and ask around, there is no doubt that electrostimulation training is a trend that is gaining more and more followers, but what are the reasons that are making this training technique to be so successful? On the one hand, busy lifestyles mean that we have less and less […]

Why are Training Centers incorporating Electrostimulation Training?

Training with electrostimulation

Our pace of life makes it more and more difficult for us to go to the training centers. We don’t have time to train and this ends up frustrating our expectations of progress. The consequence is that we end up quitting. As if all of this were not enough, the covid-19 crisis has caused the […]