Improve your flexibility thanks to electrostimulation

Flexibility training with electrostimulation

Having good flexibility is more important than we think. It is not just a capricious physical quality, but much more than this, since flexibility helps coordination, which must be properly developed to avoid falls and injuries. It is also important for strengthening our joints and allowing them to function in their full range. It is […]

Electrostimulation an effective tool to combat stress and release tension

Electrostimulation to combat stress and release tension

Electrical stimulation is presented as a highly effective strategy in dealing with stress, although it is one of the least widespread practical tools in the scientific literature. Stress is configured as a public health problem that impacts a large number of individuals in Spain. Given this scenario, it is relevant to explore the potential of […]

Electrostimulation for quadriceps

Electrostimulation for quadriceps

Showing off athlete’s legs is, for many sports lovers, their best purpose. It is also a goal for those who regularly go to the gym and train to define and firm their quadriceps. However, sometimes traditional training methods are not enough to achieve the goals, since they must spend long hours training in order to […]