Diathermy, what is it and what are its benefits?

Diathermy in the physiotherapy sector

Perhaps you have heard on some occasion about the treatment of Indiba or diathermy, either in the field of physiotherapy or in the world of aesthetics. Many of the advantages of this treatment have been discussed, but not about what this treatment consists of and how it is applied. What is Diathermy? The diathermy methodology […]

Here are the Keys on How to Attract Customers to your Fitness Business

Here are the keys on how to attract clients to your fitness business

The fitness sector has been on the rise for many years and it is increasingly difficult to be creative in order to know how to attract customers to our fitness business. It is important to offer a valuable and efficient service to our customers to end the tedious seasonality that occurs in gyms and sports […]

What is a Motor Response and why Electrostimulation favorably affects

motor response

In today’s post we are going to talk about the motor response that the human body has and the positive effects electrostimulation has to improve motor responses, and what kind of applications this technology can offer. What is a motor response? The motor response is characterized by being those that encompass all those actions that […]

Know the multiple Electrostimulation applications

Know the multiple uses of Electrostimulation

Electrostimulation is used for more than muscle rehabilitation, or commonly called electrotherapy, which is widely used in physiotherapy to treat injuries in elite professional athletes. Multiple electrostimulation applications in fitness have become popular in recent years, and this technology is increasingly used due to the multiple benefits it offers. EMS Technology is usually used, mainly, […]