Why is Vitamin D important in sports performance?

Why is Vitamin D important in sports performance

Vitamins are necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of our body and, together with other nutritional elements, act as catalysts for all physiological processes, such as growth. There are many types of vitamins, a total of 13, but they are all grouped into 2 categories: What is vitamin D? Vitamin D is represented by two […]

Work the deltoids with these 5 exercises

The deltoids is a super important muscle for our balance and mobility

We always talk about the importance of having our body in the best physical and mental state possible, and in this case, we are going to talk in-depth about a very important upper-body muscle group called the deltoids. What you should know about the Deltoids The deltoids is the muscle that forms what we colloquially […]

Boxing and electrostimulation as a training complement

Boxing is a very old sports discipline

Boxing is a very old sports discipline, but more and more fans are attracted to boxing, and it is a very complete technique since, in addition to developing cardiac capacities, it allows us to work resistance, gain muscle mass, and tone the core. On the other hand, boxing reduces the body’s feeling of fatigue and […]

Why exercises that protect you from covid

Exercise has a large number of benefits, and one of them is protecting yourself from covid. Keep reading and discover all the benefits

Exercise has a large number of associated benefits, to this, we can now include a new heading, which is to protect yourself from covid; and it is that having a regular practice of physical activity carries a lower risk of infection and severity of this disease. For example, a recent study associates that practicing physical […]

What to eat after training?

What to eat after training to achieve your goals

If you have recently started training, it is normal for you to have doubts about what to eat after training, so in this post, we are going to solve this important point in toning and weight loss diets, and we are going to give you tips so that this process can become your daily routine. […]

New Slim Plus electrostimulation skinsuit, discover its full potential

The new Slim Plus electrostimulation skinsuit has arrived to bring you more comfort, without sacrificing the effectiveness of the results

Learn all about the new Slim Plus electrostimulation skinsuit. 2023 has been going strong with many novelties, and one of them is the new and comfortable personal electrostimulation skinsuit from Wiemspro, Slim Plus. Wiemspro has several models of skinsuit, which are characterized by their perfect adaptation to the body, and maximum efficiency in the results. […]