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2nd International Electrostimulation Symposium

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José Fuertes, CEO of Wiemspro, opens tomorrow the 2nd International Electrostimulation Symposium organized by Wiemspro Portugal, which will take place in Lisbon on October 6th and 7th.

World-renowned experts in the field will meet: Doctors Fran Amaro, José Vilaça, Rogério Pereira, Alexandre Mestre, José Santos, Carlos Araújo, Alex Evangelista, João Valente, Paulo Freitas, Diogo Vidigal and Abraham Carlé.

On behalf of Wiemspro, the aforementioned José Fuertes (CEO) and Abraham Carlé (Technical Director) will participate, as well as Daniel Olivero (Head of International Management) and Víctor Fernández (Head of Product Development).

The event promises to be a success and will feature interesting conferences and workshops:

  • Training with WB EMS and its impact on health markers
  • WB EMS and runner performance
  • From voluntary to involuntary contraction. Evidence-based effectiveness
  • Sports recovery after the reconstruction of the LCA. A leap in the dark?
  • Latest research trends. WB EMS as a safe and efficient tool
  • Electrostimulation and performance in intermittent sports
  • WB EMS and body composition. Methodological proposal
  • Personal trainer: performance and the best sales techniques


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