5 Tips to succeed in your electrostimulation service

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5 habitos para tener exito-wiemspro

Nowadays the whole-body electrostimulation is a service much in demand. After several years’ experience in fitness the target has grown and is not satisfied with any service. Today, we give you 5 basic tips which will help you to make the most of your personal training service and succeed with electrostimulation.

1. Do not lie

Raising more expectations that you could satisfy will frustrate your clients making them leave your service. Become a truly physical activity advisor designing an ambitious but reachable plan. In our market people has been told big promises. Is now time of gaining your clients confidence by good work.

“The lier has two ills: he does not believe and either is believed”, Baltasar Gracián (Spanish writer).

2. Avoid monotony

It is very common that electrostimulation trainer fall into daily routine, it means, to end up applying just few types of session for all the clients making them feeling not special at all because a training program is not been adapted to them. In addition there is a point when they get bored, imagine yourself making the same training 3 months… you will not renew the service, do you? Put yourself in the user shoes and offer him positive and funny feelings.

“The unconditionally is never too long if it is turned into monotony”, Javier Marías (Spanish writer).

3. Look after how your space and yourself look

We are all aware that trainer job is hard and involves certain wear and tear. Furthermore many daily situations require extra time that was not planned. That involves small routine tasks be in the background, or even, you forget about them. Generally, the less rewarding ones will be the firsts to lose priority.

Do not allow that happen under no circumstances and much less in your job place cleanliness and organization. The message that you give to your future clients and the current ones feeling of well being depends of that. Do not neglect them if you want your service to succeed.

“Our environment is connected with us reflecting our mind”, Keisuke Matsumoto (Budist monk and writer).

4. Became professional and let your clients know

Your clients really appreciate the fact that you are an ambitious professional in continuous growing and recycling . Even though our work load does not leave us too much time to update our knowledges, we have to find place during the week to relax yourself and study. Those moments could help you to see all the information that you have saved in your social media.

To invest part of your free time learning could be the key to be updated, online as well as offline, it exits many learning options, but you have to choose a quality one teached by professionals with a high reputation. Make sure that the content and teachers meet your needs and expectations.

Make your clients part of that formative process. When you explain to them how you invest your free time and part of your benefits in learning, you are passing your passion, ambition and constancy to them. Explain them in an easy way what did you learn and how are you going to apply it to their training programs. Without any doubt, the relation between you two will be better.

“Live as if you will die tomrrow, leaarn as if you will live forever ”, Gandhi (Plitician and hindu thinker).

5. Make a good choice of your electrostimulation system

The electrostimulation device offering has increased appreciably during last years. It exist first generation devices with just few configuration options which require a permanent wiring connection. Those limit your possibilities enormously. After that, emerged the second generation devices, which were trying to reach the real wireless concept, but with important space constraints and no possibility of configure stimulus. Last but not least arrives the third generation: wireless, highly configurable and multi-user (key for group sessions).

Wiemspro is leading and pioneering third generation devices. After its appearance many different systems have tried to copy its functionality and versatility with none succeed. With Wiemspro you could adapt the electric stimulus to any training or exercise. You will be able to train group and outdoor. All of this will lead you to fulfil the demands of every kind of user profile (except a small contraindication group).

Your service succeed will depend on your human staff capacities as well as the technology that they use. Look for a device which does not threaten your creativity and development.

“The destiny is not matter of luck. It is matter of choice. It is not a thing that should be waited for, it is a thing that should be reached” William Jennings Bryan (American politician).


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