Discover Academy, an e-learning platform for personal trainers

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Meet Academy, an e-learning platform for personal trainers.

Technology is in continuous development, and increasingly in the world of fitness, health and sports; That is why we cannot afford to be left behind and it is essential to be updated in order to be able to execute our job as a coach as best as possible.

In this sense, Wiemspro developed the Academy platform, an e-learning space for personal trainers and health and sports professionals.

On this platform we will not only find all the advances, scientific studies, and methodological tests on electrostimulation in people’s health and physical activity.

We can also become certified as a Professional Full Body Electrostimulation Technician, understand how WB-EMS (Whole Body Electro Muscle Stimulation) works, how to apply the wave, intensity and frequency of the electrical impulse, and much more.

What is Academy?

Academy is an online learning platform designed by Wiemspro, specifically, to offer personal trainers and health, sports and physical activity professionals extra help to understand what electrostimulation is and how to get the most out of the electrostimulation system. Wiemspro.

On this e-learning platform we can find different types of specialized content; and we can access it for free, but limited.

“If you have registered with the Academy, or are a member of Wiemspro, you will be able to access extra content completely free of charge: courses, dossiers and manuals, tutorials and much more.”

For Wiemspro it is very important to make available to trainers a continuous training system designed to help them continue acquiring all the knowledge to specialize in muscle electrostimulation.

What is Academy

Get certified with Wiemspro

At Wiemspro we can find various types of courses, both in person and online.

“Academy’s e-learning platform is fully prepared to take training courses from anywhere in the world.”

These courses are fully designed so that any trainer or health and sports specialist, with or without experience within the full body electrostimulation sector, can successfully become certified and have the essential basis to effectively execute electrostimulation training; and get started in the physical activity of EMS Fitness.

Face to face training courses

In order of other things, we also provide intensive face-to-face training with our specialist trainers. In fact, in 2022 Wiemspro carried out a Training Tour throughout Spain in the most requested Spanish cities (Málaga, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville and Bilbao)

This training tour consisted of touring the entire peninsula with the aim of continuing to train our personal trainers to improve the efficiency of their training, enhance their fitness business and get the most out of the Wiemspro system.

In this tour, which was completely free, we updated the content related to EMS, new techniques, latest studies and new applications on electrostimulation practices to enhance the fitness business, and turn your center into a benchmark in the sector.

In this training experience we emphasize important aspects in the training of a professional, attending in a balanced way to both theory and practice; and also we give a leading space to trainers from the world of training and health to expose and teach the different forms of integration of electrostimulation with new disruptive methodologies, and successful intervention techniques.

In this way, each formation has its own unique character, giving a different peculiarity to each event.

How to attend in-person training?

If you want to attend any of Wiemspro’s in-person training, you just have to follow us on social networks @wiemspro or @wiemspro_spain, and register for the event.

Online training courses

Within the Academy, there is by default online training or e-learning, where you can find training videos and scientific information about WB-EMS and its impact on metabolism, and other health and body composition meters.

If you are a Wiemspro member you will be able to access all courses, training and webinars. For example, in the last webinar you can see the following points of interest for the trainer or health and physical activity professional:

  1. Why use WB-EMS? Main trends that we find in the fitness sector, and why electrostimulation has gained so much relevance in recent years.
  1. Energy metabolism and WB-EMS: Bases of the energy metabolism of electrostimulation, and recommendations to have greater benefits on how to apply EMS
  1. Impact of WB-EMS on metabolism at rest and walking. What are the frequencies that work best for energy expenditure both in a situation of absolute rest and during exercise.
  1. Impact of WB-EMS taking 10,000 steps: Energy difference in doing 10,000 steps with WB-EMS, and without it; and the influence that EMS has on motivation and adherence. We also know the opinion that the participants in the study had.
  1. Impact of WB-EMS on energy metabolism: With this study we can compare the effect of different electrical frequencies during aerobic elliptical exercise.
  1. Does the order of frequencies matter? What is the best frequency to activate the activation of fat oxidation; and what is the most interesting intensity to increase fat oxidation.
  1. WB-EMS in energy metabolism during circuit training. How WB-EMS affects a bodyweight workout in just 15 minutes.
  1. Impact of WB-EMS on body composition: Effect of a HIIT program with WB-EMS on body composition and physical condition in a healthy man.
  1. Effect on health biomarkers: How WB-EMS affects blood markers.
Extra content in Academy

Extra content in Academy

We have already talked about how important it is to be up to date in fitness, health and sports; and at Wiemspro we have thought of everything that a professional like you may need to make your business and your training methodology profitable.

If you are already a customer and log in to Academy with the account we have provided, you will be able to access extra exclusive content:

  • Manuals and dossiers: You can download user manuals, dossiers, ebooks, marketing support, and much more.
  • Quick user guide: In this guide we give you all the tips so that you can carry out training with WB-EMS Wiemspro in the fastest and most effective way possible.
  • Video – Tutorials: You can find video tutorials on the Device, EMS Suits and Training App.

Scientific content

Within the Academy virtual library we can find two types of formats: scientific blog studies and podcasts. These scientific studies have been carried out by academics and guarantor scholars thanks to Wiem Lab, the first electrostimulation laboratory in Spain, located at the UGR iMuds, at the University of Granada.

“Wiems Lab is a laboratory specialized in analyzing the impact that muscle electrostimulation has on different areas related to health and sports.”

Scientific articles

Within the scientific projects that we find in these studies, we could classify them into two very different lines of research:

  1. People with some type of pathology.
  2. Healthy people.

In both cases, studies are carried out on the short- and long-term effects. 

Within these studies we can highlight topics such as energy metabolism, activation of the nervous system, hypertrophy and muscle strength, pain treatment, and many others.

Scientific Podcast

Within the audio blogs we will find scientific content in audio format on Spotify. There is now an excuse for not having time to read scientific studies of interest! With this format you will be able to be updated on all the scientific studies that are generated in our laboratory; and listen to it while you play sports, work, in the car, or wherever you want!

Workouts by Wiemspro

Wiemspro workouts are training programs in which all the elements that a trainer must control are detailed. These programs are made up of 8 sessions, which are divided into 3 parts:

  • Heating.
  • Main training.
  • Relaxation or what we know as a return to calm.

This is because, after many studies, we have developed a progression in the wave parameters with the intention of being able to maximize the efficiency and safety of each user in a workout.

In each session you will be able to find all the exercises illustrated, more technical and specific advice for each exercise, and the detailed structure of the different parts of the training.

Within the Wiemspro Workouts we can find 3 types of training:

  • Adaptation Phase: These workouts are designed for beginner users. They are characterized by allowing clients to adapt to this type of training while learning to correctly perform the marked exercises.
  • Fat loss phase: These workouts are designed to improve body composition and health with the aim of offering the necessary tools to lower your clients’ fat percentage. It is done using a mix of different strategies such as:
  • Energy expenditure during the session.
  • Increase in basal metabolism.
  • Increased muscle mass.

Importantly, the first sessions are suitable for the most inexperienced users, since these training sessions are increased gradually; so in this type of workouts we will find sessions for users of different types of levels. 

  • Toning phase: Within this type of training they are divided into two:
  • Strong Curves: This workout is specially designed for the female audience. General strength work is performed and a balance has been made of the volume and proportion of certain exercises to help your clients achieve harmonious proportions (waist-hip ratio ) and emphasize the most problematic areas of women on an aesthetic level.
  • Hypertrophy and definition: This plan is designed for the male audience. This is characterized by integrating methodologies oriented to HIIT and hypertrophy to improve muscle strength and definition. It is done with the intention of harmonizing the waist-shoulder ratio, volume and proportion of exercises by body zones, and metabolic activation to impact localized fat.


In short, if you want to opt for an electrostimulation system that offers you continuous training on how electrostimulation evolves, the positive effects it has on health and well-being, do not hesitate to get started with the Wiemspro system and its e-learning platform. We will guide you at all times!