ACSM Annual Meeting – Wiemspro

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Next May the 29th, our team will be at the ACSM Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. The most prestigious annual meeting in Sports Sciences world.

What will we do there?

We are visiting to Minneapolis with two clear goals. First, finding Wiemspro distributors for the different states of the United States. Our second goal is to show the Wiemspro System to the North American scientific-sports community.

In addition, during these days we will attend different conferences hosted by speakers selected by the ACSM, and we will exchange impressions with other companies in order to achieve effective synergies with them.

Who will be present?                                                

Whoever comes to our stand can meet with the team that has moved especially for the event: Jose Fuertes Peña , Abraham Carlé Calo and  Rafael Gil Fernandez.

  • Date: May 29th – June 2nd
  • Place: Minneapolis Convention Center
  • Stand: 425


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