Paula Ordovás

Influencer and fashion journalist

Paula Ordovás is a Fashion Journalist and Public Relations born in Madrid where she currently resides and manages the communication of fashion firms. Social Media Strategist at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, has also collaborated with magazines such as Vogue México and Latinamerica, Telva, Elle UK and Mujer Hoy. Paula is the Ambassador of luxury brands and has collaborated with brands such as Dior, Bvlgari, Elie Saab, Armani, Nike, YSL Beauty, Tiffany & Co., Issey Miyake, H & M and Lancôme, among others.

Awarded by the Magazine Cosmopolitan as Best Blogger 2015 and by Acotex as Best Blogger 2013, through her blog Mypeeptoes, Paula inspires with her outfits and shares her world and concerns related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

A restless woman with numerous commitments but always with a gap in her schedule for training. She better than anyone else knows that with the EMS Wiemspro system the results will always be achieved. We are sure that our electrostimulation suit is part of its spectacular basic wardrobe.

“This Madridlenian represents to perfection the current elegance with some pictures worthy of daily fashion production.” – ELLE SPAIN.

“She is one of the most influential bloggers in our country. He is also a journalist and public relations of several fashion companies, a real whirlwind that never stops “- TELVA.

“Paula wears the garments with a special grace; the perfect blend of style, freshness and great sympathy. It is part of that batch of new fashion professionals, who move like fish in the water on the Internet, and who have managed to make one of their passions, fashion, their profession. “- HOLA.COM.

“Paula focuses her passion for fashion, art and aesthetics through her blog that has become a daily inspiration for thousands of followers” – VANITY MAGAZINE.