How to relieve back pain with an electro stimulator

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electrostimulation-back pain

Back pain is one of the most common types of discomfort in adults throughout their lives, whether due to bad posture, lack of exercise or the passage of time. The back gives out at some point.

According to statistics, three quarters of the population has suffered from severe back pain at some time.

The back consists of muscles, nerves, bones, ligaments and tendons forming a unit which in turn is made up of three large groups of vertebrae, capable of providing mobility and support to the body. 

First of all, we must know which vertebrae we are talking about. To do this, imagine your column sideways:

  • First, there are the cervicals whose function is to give mobility to the neck and head and to support them. These vertebrae protect the beginning of the spinal cord, the pathway through which the most important nerve endings of the body pass.
  • Next are the latissimus dorsi, which combine mobility and load bearing in the back. They are responsible for housing the lungs next to the rib cage.
  • Lastly, the lumbar muscles support loads and distribute pressure. It is the area that supports the weight of the entire spine and has the most mobility. 

Now let’s find out how to avoid back spasms!

Why electrostimulation is good for the back

About 70% of all back pain occurs in the lumbar region of the spine, commonly known as ‘lumbago’.

According to a study conducted in 2016 by the Dr. Reynier Fernández León, specialist in General Comprehensive Medicine, the following is explained:

  • 88% of the study participants saw their back pain significantly reduced.
  • Among them, 40% were people with chronic back pathologies. After 6 weeks with the electro-stimulation on the back, this figure dropped to 9%. Of the total, 44% saw the pain disappear completely.
  • The duration and frequency of pain dissipated by more than 80%.
  • The endurance for daily activities that place a strain on the back (moving heavy loads, physical exercise, spending too many hours sitting or household chores) improved by 30%.
  • The best results could be observed from week 2 or 4.

Electrotherapy for back or lower back pain has also been tested and is used by physiotherapists in the treatment of these pathologies. In addition, it is increasingly common to see this technology in sports centers, and included in a plan customized to the goals you want to achieve, since its benefits are substantial.

Causes of back pain

90% of back pain is caused by mechanical alterations, that is, bad posture, poor physical condition or overexertion in some physical work, both in daily life and in a work environment.

This pain is usually caused by a lack of balance between the strength and flexibility of the muscles in the front and back of the trunk. The explanation for this data can be found in the following causes:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle due to technological life.
  2. Lack of movement and obesity.
  3. Incorrect posture, such as sleeping and sitting incorrectly.
  4. Incorrect movement patterns that require excessive effort.
  5. Wearing inappropriate footwear.
  6. Emotional overload and stress that cause a contraction of the back muscles. 

Immediate injuries, such as a blow or fracture, and medium and long-term injuries, such as low back pain, can also occur. Although they may seem to be minor or unimportant pathologies, they are among the first causes that lead to incapacity for work.

To prevent this from happening, it is essential to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominal area. Their main purpose is to maintain a correct body posture and be involved in the movements.

Back pain Electrostimulation

TENS for back pain 

Physiotherapists have long been familiar with electrostimulation for pain relief and use a program known as TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). 

This program is ideal for treating lower back or neck pain, contractures, cramps… In general, it tries to soften and soothe the manifestations of pain that you may feel. The aim is not to exert any action on the muscles, but rather to try to generate sufficient tactile sensitivity to stimuli not to let the painful influences pass through the spinal cord.

Believe it or not, this is a reflex action that we ourselves do when we hurt ourselves or suffer any pain. It is known as the ”Gate control” phenomenon and consists of rubbing the area of pain to ”awaken” the receptors of tactile sensitivity, decreasing the pain. Isn’t that curious?

With electrostimulation on the lower back, the same effect can be achieved, with a prolonged duration, through electrical micro impulses that stimulate the nerve fibers of tactile sensitivity.

And with Wiemspro’s electrostimulation vests, you don’t have any complications. Forget about thinking about where to place the electrodes! Its latest technology allows the vest to adapt to you by covering the entire area, which will provide you with greater comfort and you will feel the tingling sensation all over your body. Not only will you be able to relax your back and inhibit pain, but it is also designed to be used while you train, since the best results will come from strengthening your back through specific back exercises.

What are the benefits of TENS?

The effects of electrostimulation with TENS are analgesia, improvement of blood flow, reduction of swelling, muscle stimulation and recovery of soft tissue injuries, among others.

Thanks to this method, the pain threshold is increased and at the same time the activity of the cells that cause pain is reduced.

Likewise, the anti-pain effect is produced little by little during its application until it reaches its maximum after 20 minutes, lasting after the end of the program, for an extended period of time, depending on the case. 

This program has no application limit and can be used several times a day if necessary.

Training whit Back pain


Electrostimulation for the back and, specifically, the TENS program, offers a multitude of benefits for people who suffer from acute or chronic back pain.

The in-depth work that EMS puts in place will make your muscles stronger in less time than in the conventional way. Therefore, it will increase your resistance to withstand the stress and tensions of everyday life that are the cause of stimulating the pain threshold and, consequently, lead to contractures causing general discomfort.