Wiemspro and FETRI Unite to Enhance the Performance of Spain’s Elite Athletes with this Biosuit

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At Wiemspro, we want to announce news that we couldn’t be more excited about, and that is that we have joined forces with the Spanish Triathlon Federation to create the latest in sports and performance technology for elite athletes: the creation of the novel FETRI biosuit for athletes, of which FETRI is the entity in charge of organizing, coordinating, and promoting triathlon in Spain.

FETRI (Spanish Triathlon Federation)

Triathlon is a sport that combines three main disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. The distances of each segment may vary in different triathlon events, but there are recognized standard distances, such as those established by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and other sporting organizations. These standard distances are:

  • Swimming: It can vary, but common distances include 750 meters, 1.5 kilometers, or 3.8 kilometers.
  • Cycling: Distances are usually 20 kilometers, 40 kilometers, or 180 kilometers.
  • Running: Standard distances are 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers or 42.2 kilometers (a full marathon).

Among the responsibilities of the FETRI are the organization of competitions, supporting athletes, promoting the practice of triathlon at all ages and levels, and representing Spain in international events related to triathlon.

Wiemspro and FETRI for Innovation in the world of sports

The presentation of the Wiemspro and FETRI biosuits took place within the framework of the event How Artificial Intelligence impacts and transforms the world of sports.

This event was organized by the CSD+i (Sports Innovation Center of the Higher Sports Council) and had the participation of Conchi Bellorín, deputy deputy director of High Competition of the Higher Sports Council. The audience, which exceeded 100 attendees, was made up of representatives of sports federations, technology companies, and startups, all gathered with the purpose of exploring the latest advances in artificial intelligence applied to the sports field.

This presentation highlighted the achievements made by the athletics, hockey, and triathlon federations, as well as other achievements of renowned companies such as IBM and Mediapro.

The presentation of the biosuit, without a doubt, added an innovative component to this meeting, showing how technology can directly influence the performance and experience of athletes.

It is important to note that this event not only served as a platform for the presentation of innovative products such as the biosuit from Wiemspro and FETRI but also highlighted the importance of collaboration and the exchange of ideas between different actors in the sports world, from federations to leading technology companies.

Furthermore, these collaborative meetings are an integral part of the CSD+i initiative, an initiative launched by the Higher Sports Council a few months ago with the aim of promoting innovation and the application of advanced technologies in the sports field.

All about the FETRI Biosuit by Wiemspro

The president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, José Hidalgo, took on the prominent role of presenting the revolutionary FETRI biosuit during a significant event. In his speech, Hidalgo stressed that this presentation not only represents a milestone for FETRI but also consolidates the federation as a constant reference in the Spanish sports field.

The federation seeks to establish a link between triathlon and research, innovation, and the use of artificial intelligence. The biosuit, developed by Wiemspro and Austral, aims to provide advanced tools for the training of athletes, allowing more precise optimization and generating multidimensional data that can be analyzed in real time by technicians.

For this reason, the integration of artificial intelligence in the biosuit represents a significant step in the FETRI+i project, which seeks to link triathlon with research, innovation, and the application of advanced technologies. The ability to adapt training loads in a personalized way using the specific information of each athlete marks a crucial advance in the search for excellence in sports performance.

The FETRI is proud that the Higher Sports Council (CSD) has highlighted the biosuit as an example of good practices in its project CSD+i. This distinction implies that elite athletes begin to use it, and it is expected that it will subsequently be scaled up to the autonomous federations and sports clubs, consolidating triathlon as a benchmark for innovation, artificial intelligence, and research in the Spanish sports panorama.

“The technological alliance between the Spanish Triathlon Federation, Wiemspro, and Austral has been fundamental for the development of the biosuit.”.

This prototype, already in use with elite athletes, will continue to evolve with new improvements in the future, with the main objective of providing athletes with the best tools for competition, training, and rest.

The FETRI biosuit presents a multitude of advanced features, a new focus on the athlete’s comprehensive connectivity, the cutting edge of technology applied to sports, and points the way to the future of sports performance.

Wiemspro and FETRI for Innovation in the world of sports

Biosuit Sensors

The FETRI biosuit represents a revolution in the way sports training is approached, thanks to its sophisticated series of sensors that capture precise data in real time, providing an objective view of the athlete’s movement and physiological variables. Below, we detail some of the advanced sensors incorporated in this innovative biosuit:

Internal exercise load sensors

They measure key biomarkers of the athlete in various situations, whether during exercise or in everyday life.

They include heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), electrocardiogram (ECG), body temperature, electromyography (EMG), lactate levels, muscle oxygen (SMO2), and glucose levels.

External load sensors

They use accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide quantitative and qualitative information about the athlete’s movement and the integration of a global positioning system (GPS) to record the location and route during training or competition.

Training and physical activity enhancers

It incorporates the best electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) system to meet specific strength and cardiorespiratory capacity objectives, a technology that contributes significantly to improving sports performance.

Body composition sensors

They allow measuring and controlling the evolution of the athlete’s body composition at an acute and chronic level.

It also stands out for the use of bioimpedance to obtain data on muscle mass, fat mass, and their relationship with sports performance.

Online communication

It has direct communication through a SIM card and allows data transmission in real time, facilitating a constant connection with the coach or technical team.

The combination of these advanced sensors not only provides a detailed understanding of the athlete’s performance but also enables personalized adaptation of training loads. Additionally, the online communication capability allows for constant monitoring, facilitating immediate feedback and informed decision-making to optimize training and improve athletic performance.

Altogether, the FETRI biosuit represents an advanced technological tool for the athlete and marks a milestone in the convergence of innovation and excellence in the field of triathlon.

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The training APP for coaches and athletes

The application linked to the FETRI Biosuit represents a technological extension and is a comprehensive tool that redefines the training experience for athletes.

In other words, the training app designed collaboratively by Wiemspro offers a full range of functionalities ranging from programming to training control, providing multivariable reports, dynamic reports, and configurable recommendations for constant improvement of the athlete’s performance.

With both direct and remote training control, athletes will be able to enjoy personalized virtual support that adapts to their specific needs. Furthermore, the application is not only limited to tracking physical progress but also becomes a strategic ally by offering detailed and dynamic reports, allowing informed decision-making and rapid adaptation to changing training needs.

The collaboration between the companies on the FETRI biosuit project is a strategic alliance and a testimony to the joint commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in the sports field. This project promises to be a catalyst for transformation in the way athletes approach their preparation, recovery, and goal achievement. 

By setting a revolutionary standard between health and performance-oriented technology, the FETRI biosuit positions itself as a pioneer in the convergence between technological innovation and maximum sports performance. This comprehensive approach reflects a commitment to providing athletes with a tool that goes beyond simple monitoring, offering a complete platform that enhances their performance and propels them to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Benefits that the FETRI Biosuit provides to triathletes

The addition of the FETRI biosuit marks a significant milestone in improving athlete training, providing a number of key benefits that go beyond conventional monitoring. Some of the expected improvements are the following:

  • Movement control in physical activity: The biosuit detects and measures movement during training, allowing a detailed evaluation of the technique and the correction of possible postural errors. This translates into continuous improvement in the execution of the exercises.
  • Objective analysis in mesocycles and macrocycles: The data collected by the biosuit sensors enables an objective evolutionary analysis in different training periods. This makes it easier to optimize training programs and evaluate their effectiveness over time.
  • Detection of abnormal parameters and level of fatigue: The biosuit identifies abnormal parameters and high levels of fatigue, generating alerts to prevent possible injuries or overtraining, which contributes to more effective fatigue management.
  • Use of the EMS: The technology of electrostimulation systems integrated into the biosuit allows specific objectives of strength or cardiorespiratory capacity to be met, offering an additional tool to improve sports performance in a focused manner.
  • Analysis of changes in body composition: The biosuit performs detailed monitoring of the evolution of the athlete’s body composition, including hydration levels. In addition, it establishes relationships between body composition and sports performance, contributing to the identification of the ideal composition for each objective.
  • Calculation of training loads and recovery level: Provides precise information about the athlete’s recovery level and allows the calculation of training loads both in the short and long term. This helps avoid overtraining and maximizes performance over time.
  • Prevention of dangerous events and emergency button: The biosuit includes an emergency button for dangerous or emergency situations, providing an additional layer of safety during training and competitions.

It is worth noting that all of these sensors are integrated into both the EMS biosuit and technical garments designed for indoor and outdoor training and for use in water, offering a complete and versatile solution that addresses the different needs of athletes in different environments and training modalities. This integration represents a significant advance in technology applied to sports, promoting continuous improvement and excellence in athletic performance.


At Wiemspro, we support and develop all the progress of the incorporation of new technologies for athletes, in this case the FETRI biosuit for triathletes, incorporating everything from state-of-the-art sensors to the transformation of the information carried out by the app specialized in this project.