Diario MARCA, together with FETRI, presents the WiemsFit Biosuit TEM Project

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In an effort to enhance the performance and safeguard the health of elite athletes, prominent Spanish Sports Federations have opted for the innovative WiemsFit technology and the “Biosuit TEM Project” smart suit.

This pioneering project, supported by renowned Spanish athletes from federations such as Archery, Triathlon, Table Tennis, Ball, Pentathlon, Winter Sports, Golf, Boxing, Fencing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Spanish Paralympic Committee, marks a significant milestone in the joint pursuit of success.

Biosuit TEM, the latest in sports technology

The goal of CSD+I is to improve the tools used in the training of these athletes in order to achieve greater efficiency in training and collect a large amount of data that coaches can analyze instantly. In this way, the Biosuit TEM developed by WiemsFit meets these requirements and, thanks to the built-in Artificial Intelligence, will adjust training loads in a personalized way using the individual information of each athlete.

“The launch of the Biosuit TEM, a pioneering biosuit in innovation, will incorporate cutting-edge technologies aimed at enhancing the training of elite athletes”.

With proven reliability and exceptional potential, this smart suit will be integrated into training to elevate athletes’ performance and streamline injury recovery and prevention processes, offering a wide range of functionalities such as corrective training analysis, monitoring of physiological parameters before, during and after training, training capacity both in person and remotely, and all of this integrated into a single app.

Biosuit TEM: Boosting Sports Performance, Muscle Recovery and Injury Prevention

The Biosuit TEM represents a comprehensive innovation in the evaluation, control and training of the athlete, thanks to its advanced system equipped with a variety of intelligent sensors. These sensors, such as state-of-the-art accelerometers and gyroscopes, are essential to providing a training experience of maximum precision and quality.

By integrating these sensors into the suit, the Biosuit TEM collects a wide range of data relevant to sports performance. For example, accelerometers record crucial data such as the maximum average speed achieved during an activity, the number of repetitions performed, and the full range of motion in each exercise. These data are essential to understand and improve the execution of each movement, thus optimizing training.

Additionally, the Biosuit TEM closely monitors the athlete’s cardiac activity, recording both heart rate (HR) and heart rate variability (HRV). These indicators are essential to evaluate the intensity of the exercise, the recovery between sessions and the general state of cardiovascular health of the athlete.

With this detailed information, both athletes and coaches can adapt and personalize training programs to maximize performance and minimize the risk of injury.

With these intelligent sensors, it offers us a holistic approach to sports training, improving the precision and quality of each training session and providing a comprehensive view of the athlete’s performance.

Biosuit TEM Composition

Biosuit TEM Composition: Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

The Biosuit stands out for its advanced technology, making use of learning device systems and artificial intelligence to take data analysis to a higher level. These systems are capable of processing a large amount of information derived from a variety of sources, allowing a comprehensive and accurate evaluation of sports performance. Both coaches and athletes can benefit from these detailed evaluations, and use the data collected to improve their training and achieve their goals.

Regarding its design, as we have mentioned previously, the Biosuit is equipped with a series of integrated sensors that cover various aspects of the athlete’s performance and health. These include:

  • Internal load sensors, which monitor muscle activity and fatigue.
  • Body composition sensors, which provide information on muscle mass and body fat.
  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), which provides an extra boost to training and physical activity.
  • External load sensors to measure the intensity and impact of activities performed outside the biosuit.

This combination of sensors allows for a holistic and accurate assessment of sports performance, giving users a complete view of their physical condition and helping them optimize their training effectively.

The App: Comprehensive Tool for Trainers and Athletes

The application connected to the Biosuit TEM suit provides a wide range of functions to optimize sports performance and injury prevention. It not only allows the athlete and the coach to schedule their workout, but also It offers complete control over the sessions carried out and progress monitoring in real time.

In addition, it generates detailed and multivariate reports that allow a comprehensive analysis of each session, as well as dynamic reports that adapt as the training evolves. Configurable data-driven recommendations help athletes and coaches make decisions about how to adjust training to achieve goals. In addition, the application facilitates direct and remote control of training, meaning that users can manage their sessions from anywhere, offering flexibility, convenience and total freedom.

Elektra, artificial intelligence

In addition to the features already mentioned, athletes and coaches will have Elektra, the artificial intelligence developed by WiemsFit.

Elektra is not limited to simply answering questions or clarifying doubts, but goes much further, such as offering completely personalized training plans.

This advanced WiemsFit AI leverages a wide range of data and knowledge to design training programs tailored to the individual needs of each athlete. These plans not only take into account the fitness level and specific goals of each athlete, but also take into account other factors such as time availability, adequate recovery and injury prevention.

“Elektra represents an invaluable resource to optimize sports performance and maximize results”.

In addition to this ability to create personalized training plans, Elektra offers a series of additional services that can be very useful for athletes and coaches, such as detailed analysis of performance data, recommendations to improve technique, recovery suggestions, as well as real-time monitoring of training sessions.

Biosuit TEM, the latest in sports technology

The support of the Sports Federations

On the part of José Hidalgo, in his role as president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, he leads an innovative initiative aimed at boosting the performance of athletes in this sport. It recognizes triathlon’s history of innovation, from the invention of the triathlete-specific handlebar to advances in helmet design. With this perspective, FETRI seeks to be a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve sports performance.

Hidalgo highlights that the new Biosuit used in triathlon has the ability to adapt to the athlete, analyzing their training loads and their history to personalize their programming. This approach is not limited to elite athletes, but seeks to extend to all regional federations, democratizing access to this technology. Emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology to improve sports performance at all levels.

Project Phases and Biosuit Objectives

This project presented by Diario MARCA, will be deployed in several stages, each focused on key aspects to improve sports performance and the health of athletes. These phases will address key areas such as strength development, recovery optimization, increased endurance, detailed biomechanical analysis, and physical readaptation after injury or intense exertion.

The goals of the WiemsFit Biosuit TEM are diverse and ambitious. They focus on achieving specific goals related to strength, cardio and overall performance of athletes. In addition, it seeks to prevent adverse health events, such as injuries or overtraining, through continuous monitoring and proactive intervention. Control of movement during physical activity and technical improvement are also key aspects, which will contribute to optimizing performance in each sporting discipline.


The Biosuit TEM promises to revolutionize the way athletes approach their training, recovery and achieving their goals.

Introducing an entirely new standard in health and performance-focused technology, this system will not only offer more accurate and detailed tracking of athletic progress, but will also provide effective tools to maximize athletic potential and minimize health risks.

In short, the WiemsFit Biosuit TEM represents a significant evolution in the world of sports, taking training and recovery to an unprecedented level of effectiveness and excellence.

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