Boxing and electrostimulation as a training complement

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Boxing is a very old sports discipline

Boxing is a very old sports discipline, but more and more fans are attracted to boxing, and it is a very complete technique since, in addition to developing cardiac capacities, it allows us to work resistance, gain muscle mass, and tone the core. On the other hand, boxing reduces the body’s feeling of fatigue and improves our reflexes and balance.

Also, nothing feels quite like punching the bag after a hard day at work!

What should we know about professional boxing?

Boxing is a contact and self-defense sport in which two opponents fight using only their gloved fists. The mechanics consists of hitting the opponent from the waist up inside a ring specially designed for this sport.

These fights are carried out in brief fight sequences, which are agreed by means of a precise regulation, which regulates weight categories and duration of the match among other aspects.

Commonly, when we talk about boxing, we refer to the English boxing modality, but the reality is that boxing is considered to be the whole set of sports that focus on hitting using fists, although in different modalities they can include kicks, elbows, and knees. and other hitting techniques.

Boxing has been incorporated into many martial arts, military systems, and other combat sports.

Although boxing may seem like a new sport, it is perhaps one of the oldest sports they were included in the Olympic Games in Antiquity in the 7th century, and that was when the regulations began to be written, until 1889. the rules still in force in which the use of gloves was introduced were written.

Of course, this sport has been practiced for many years, but if we refer to the role of women in this sport, they were not included in the Summer Olympic Games until 2012.

Boxing modalities

Boxing is recognized for being one of the most complete sports disciplines. This sporting practice confers athletic physical qualities, since it works all the muscles of the body and develops agility, resistance, and offers greater control over breathing and the cardiovascular system.

The stigma of this sport has gradually disappeared and it has become a complete combat sport, which acts on the body and mind.

Next, we are going to talk about the different modalities that we can choose if we want to practice this sport; since there are many types of boxing.

In addition to these martial arts, many gyms have also adapted boxing techniques to fitness classes, such as body combat, cardio boxing or fitboxing.

English boxing

English boxing is characterized by being the least aggressive and violent side. This sport has been transforming to a more aesthetic aspect. What we know today as Noble Art has become a sport in which agility and aesthetic gestures are sought. Within these aspects each boxer chooses a different style.

This modality requires great agility in movements, which requires other sports to have a more complete training and to be able to obtain better physical performance in the ring.

French boxing

French boxing or also known as “Savate” is a sport that has been originated through English boxing. In this modality, both hands and feet are used as weapons, and includes elements that we can find in western boxing, such as grappling and leg techniques.

In this discipline, despite being considered a foot-fist combat, most of the combat time the feet are used as a weapon; It is also required to wear special footwear.

Footwork is particularly important, and the possibility of using the feet to fight makes this sport very technical; in fact, the defense guards are very varied, however, the blows in the lower part are totally prohibited, especially in the tibia and the knee.


Kickboxing is a group of foot combat sports and a form of boxing, based on kicking and punching. Kickboxing is practiced for self defense or as a contact sport.

This boxing methodology has Japanese origin, and originated from the combination of karate mixed with boxing, taekwondo and savate.

Despite talking about three different modalities of boxing, it is important to remember that there are many more modalities that can be practiced depending on tastes and the reason why we do this sport.

Boxing is a very old sports discipline, but more and more fans are attracted to boxing

Benefits of practicing boxing

Exercising is the best ally for everyone, specifically if we talk about boxing.

This sport is an exercise that allows us to simultaneously exercise all muscle groups. Let’s discuss what are the main benefits of this sport. 

  1. Helps to lose weight: If our objective is to reduce our body fat, boxing is a great ally, since by practicing this sport you can burn up to 1000 kcal with a single session.
  2. Tone all the muscles of the body: This sport does not work a specific muscle, but rather the opposite, it works a large part of the muscles at the same time.
  3. Improves the cardiovascular system: Getting in better physical shape with this sport is possible thanks to improved circulation.
  4. Reduces stress: The speed and strength required to practice this sport helps us improve breathing, release endorphins and adrenaline. This gives us a better mood, relieving our stress and anxiety that we generate on a daily basis: a great ally for our mental health.
  5. Improvement of concentration: This sport requires coordination that makes our concentration focus on practice, helping us to leave behind our daily problems. This makes it help us in our personal lives, improving our decision-making processes and daily obligations.
  6. Increases confidence and self-esteem: It has been shown that both the attack and defense movements that we practice with boxing generate security in many other types of situations.
  7. Improve reflexes: In boxing it is essential to learn to anticipate your opponent’s movements in order to dodge or block them. This need for protection greatly improves coordination, mental speed, reflexes and decision making.

These are some of the multiple benefits that the practice of a sport like boxing offers us.

What does electrostimulation bring to boxing?

Electrostimulation in boxing is applied as a complement to training.

Electrostimulation or EMS is a disruptive and totally effective way of training, since it enhances the results of the training.

Its technology is based on sending electrical impulses to the main muscle groups that we want to work. These impulses penetrate the deepest muscle fibers and generate a muscle contraction.

In the case of the full body electrostimulation system by Wiemspro, we can apply it in a general way thanks to an electrostimulation suit totally adapted to the body to provide maximum comfort and training results.

Training with electrostimulation enhances any type of objective, whether it is increasing our muscle mass quickly, effectively and visibly, or losing weight. Everything will depend on the type of training, intensity and frequency of the electric wave that we choose.

Electrostimulation training is considered one of the best resources to speed up muscle recovery, and achieve the sporting objectives demanded by sports such as boxing.

In short, if your goal is to improve your sports performance in boxing, the best ally we can turn to is electrostimulation training, as it will help us improve inside and outside the ring.

Boxing is a very old sports discipline, but more and more fans

Benefits of electrostimulation

It has been shown in numerous studies that training with electrostimulation enhances the results, and manages to reach objectives that, with only conventional exercise, would be much more difficult to achieve.

These benefits range from improving strength to toning the body, but we are going to list some of the most outstanding benefits provided by electrostimulation:

  1. Build muscle: The extra stimulation we receive with Wiemspro suits leads to an increase in muscle mass, also known as hypertrophy.
  2. Improves elasticity and flexibility: This aspect is very important in the field of boxing as it will help us improve our reflexes.
  3. Strengthens muscles: Electrostimulation reaches the deepest muscle fibers causing a greater effect that we could not achieve with just conventional exercise.
  4. Develop strength: With electrostimulation we work up to 90% of the potential of our muscles, which helps us to considerably increase strength in less time. This aspect is fundamental if we want to be the best in the world of boxing.
  5. Reduces fat: Training with electrostimulation promotes a high level of metabolic activity during and after exercise, causing greater fat burning and conversion into muscle mass.


In short, if your goal is to be in shape with a complete sport, boxing is one of the best options; And if we want the best possible performance, you can combine boxing with electrostimulation to get more benefits both physically and mentally.

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