New Academy, more dynamic – Now available!

Forum of Wisdom and Knowledge, at your feet. After months of effort and lots of love, we’re pleased to share with you a new version of our training platform Academy, leader in the EMS industry. Now even more dynamic, efficient and direct, including more practical content… You will find endless of new scientific documentation and […]

Functional WB-EMS, new concept based on science

Combine either way. For you, for them. Once again, we break the trend. Because we don’t like the conventional, we always look for the most advanced, different, innovative, unique. Discover the evolution of electrostimulation: the Functional WB-EMS.  We have developed a new line of programs and a methodology so that you can adapt electrostimulation to […]

Wiemspro system at Apolo Stark Fitness Center

Tomás Mayén is the manager of Apolo Stark in San Pedro de Alcántara (Málaga), where they are using Wiemspro for more than two years and where hundreds of clients go through their gyms to train with our muscle electrostimulation suits, either in individual sessions or in couple. Being a wireless system, it allows to move […]

Training day of WB-EMS at Ramon Llull University

Ramon LLULL-Wiemspro

Ramon Llull University, at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sport and Science, will take place one of the Spanish training events of the year in wireless whole-body electrostimulation thanks to Wiemspro S. L. Our technical director Abraham Carlé Calo will take the assistants through many different theoretical and practical sessions where they will deepen into the different fields […]

WB EMS wireless Wiemspro: Customised electrostimulation

Experience the complete freedom and flexibility of the electrostimulation which the WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro provides. With its customised workout program, create personalised electric impulse profiles for your clients. WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro. Your training customised to the full The WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro is an innovative electrostimulation training program, which allows you to completely customise your muscle electrostimulation training programs, […]