Covid-19: Wiemspro Disinfection Guidelines

Desinfección covid

See you never Covid-19? Welcome dear ‘New Normal’! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however the uncertainty and fear are still there… That’s why we wanted to make sure that all Wiemspro users are aware of the maintenance and desinfection protocol to follow with our electrostimulation suits. Because we take […]

The rise of electrostimulation

A few days ago an article with this title was published in the Spanish newspaper “Huelva Información”. The interview and demonstration of the system was carried out at the Move On center in Huelva, they are working with the Wiemspro technology. It is true. Whole-body electrostimulation is booming. After a period in which this system […]

8 tips to achieve your goals by training with electrostimulation

8 tips - wiemspro1

  Today we want to show you 8 tips, which will make you achieve your goals through a series of decisions that will help empower them, in your workouts with electrostimulation. 1- Choose the best training center: When you made the decision to start a training program, you projected an image of what you wanted […]

The 5 most common mistakes in training with electrostimulation


EMS knowledge has been evolving over the last few decades.  We now understand EMS science much better, backed up by credible research conducted in the last few years. There is a new fitness paradigm emerging with whole body EMS training. Since this paradigm is just emerging, there is quite a lot of confusion out there.  […]

Myths about EMS in 20 minutes

mitos EMS-wiemspro

EMS  is not a magical training system as we often see in many advertisements about it. It is rather an evolution of the training model that makes the results even more effective. Therefore, we tell you some of the myths about EMS: 1- You can only train 20 minutes a week: This is an example […]

What makes Wiemspro system so unique in whole-body electrostimulation?

Today we are going to talk about the key which makes Wiemspro the pioneer in the electrostimulation world, a service and a quality product which changes your sport centre in a more quality business due to the possibilities that it offers to trainers and users. The more appreciate values are support and technology, do you […]

5 Tips to succeed in your electostimulation service

5 habitos para tener exito-wiemspro

Nowadays the whole-body electrostimulation is a service much in demand. After several years’ experience in fitness the target has grown and is not satisfied with any service. Today, we give you 5 basic tips which will help you to make the most of your personal training service and succeed with electrostimulation. 1. Do not lie […]

What is exactly the whole body electrostimulation?

que es la ems a cuerpo completo-wiemspro

Have you heard about whole-body electrostimulation? Are you in a mess and you do not know whether to try it? Surely you have read and heard opinions of all kinds, often with little foundation. Today we are going to give you a simple explanation based on experience and real knowledge, not assumptions or beliefs. Go! […]

Electrostimulation during group training (part 1)


Today we would like to talk about a part of the training by electrostimulation that just few people knows and applies today: group training with electrostimulation. Until the irruption of Wiemspro into the market, the performance of this type of training sessions was complex and, above all, there were many limits in the control of the session and the movement of the […]

Electrostimulator machine: What you need to know in order to select one

An electro stimulator machine is basically an electric wave generator device. Those electric waves are transmited through electrodes wich are in contact with the user skin or attached to it by a wet piece of clothe between the electrode and the skin. There exists different types of devices which could be classified according to their purpose and type of […]