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Academy is an e-learning platform where any trainer who wants to incorporate electrostimulation into their directed training plan can get certified and take free training and courses for the simple fact of belonging to the Wiemspro team.


WB-EMS, a safe and efficient training system

Training with full body global electrostimulation (WB EMS) has become a brand new training method whose worldwide popularity has grown exponentially in recent years (Ismael

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Myths about EMS in 20 minutes

EMS  is not a magical training system as we often see in many advertisements about it. It is rather an evolution of the training model


WB EMS wireless Wiemspro: Customised electrostimulation

Experience the complete freedom and flexibility of the electrostimulation which the WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro provides. With its customised workout program, create personalised electric impulse profiles for your