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Feeling good, and looking good. We spend hours in the gym and doing miracle diets, and we can’t get the results we want. In this category you will find all the posts related to methods of losing weight and getting in shape, and how electrostimulation associated with training and healthy habits can enhance the results you want so many, and help you achieve your goals.

EMS for Cellulite  
Weight Loss

EMS for cellulite

EMS for Cellulite, Cellulite is a metabolic disease characterized by irregularly shaped furrows and bumps on the skin. Generally, cellulite appears on the legs or

Keys to fight obesity and overweight
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Keys to fight obesity and overweight

Overweight and obesity are defined as an excessive accumulation of fat. As weight increases, the risks of different types of conditions that can be detrimental

Effects of caffeine on athletic performance
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Why caffeine improves sports performance

Numerous studies tell us about the benefits and risks of consuming caffeine in our daily lives: from being a dangerous ingredient for people suffering from