ABS stimulation and muscular electroestimulation

electroestimulador muscular abdominales

Abdominals comprise the muscle group that is the most difficult to define, and are among those that are most sought-after aesthetically. Will we get a 6-pack using a muscular electrostimulation system? In this post we will answer that question, and talk about the health benefits that we can obtain with the combination of abdominal training […]

Avoids the loss of muscle mass during slimming diets with electrostimulation

Electroestimulacion para adelgazar

Training with electrostimulation enhances results for fat loss, while maximising your maintenance or increase in muscle mass. Whether you are considering starting an exercise programme to lose weight or you are an exercise professional, it is important to be clear about what the keys are that guarantee fat loss prevent the loss of muscle as […]

5 keys to lose weight (part II)

lose weight

In a previous post of our blog we gave you the first two keys. This second post extends that information with the other three keys, and offers conclusions about weight loss. 3. Physical exercise and training. The body seeks novelty! Achieving the goals guided by a qualified personal trainer will always be the most sensible […]

5 keys to lose weight (part I)

Health & Wellness

Losing weight is one of the main reasons why people do or think about doing physical exercise, especially the female audience (Sicilia, A. et al, 2014). Of course, they are present the aesthetic reasons, but currently there are also health reasons and quality of life. Although sedentary lifestyle, the fourth risk factor for death, is […]

Myths about EMS in 20 minutes

mitos EMS-wiemspro

EMS  is not a magical training system as we often see in many advertisements about it. It is rather an evolution of the training model that makes the results even more effective. Therefore, we tell you some of the myths about EMS: 1- You can only train 20 minutes a week: This is an example […]

Personal training based on whole body electrostimulation


On personal training, every good personal trainer knows that strength levels that somebody can develop are directly related with his heath and life quality. It can be apply to all population groups, it does not matter its age, although in elderlier groupa the results are more evident. That is why in every personal training program is fundamental the […]