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Eva gonzalez training with Wiemspro

We all know that the most well-known celebrities on the Spanish national scene take care of their bodies. They rely on strict training plans which lead them to adopt the latest bodily treatments to achieve all their goals. For this reason, in this article we are going to let you in on the secret kept by people like María José Suárez and Eva González to have a toned and youthful body: electrostimulation or EMS, a treatment growing in popularity.

Electrostimulation is the new trendy training

A trend that has become popular in our gyms is electro-fitness. We are talking about a method that helps us to exercise whilst saving time and effort, something we have always wanted and that is now a reality.

But what exactly is electro-fitness? This involves combining conventional training with electrostimulation training. Through an electrostimulator suit, electrical impulses are generated that penetrate the deepest muscle fibers, thus encouraging muscle contraction.

This practice strengthens our body more than a conventional workout, and has become a very important complement to physical activity.

Its ease and results have elevated it to a celebrity workout. It helps them to improve explosive strength, as it both expands and recovers muscle fibers after strength sessions.

Exercises with electrostimulation

Next, we’ll show how it has broadened out to the everyday exercises we find in our gyms. Let’s see how it applies and combines! 

Yoga and electrostimulation

Yoga is an exercise that boasts legions of followers. Among its main benefits is that it strengthens bones and muscles. With its gentle exercises, lactic acid is progressively prevented from spreading through our body. It also revitalizes bone mass and increases the flexibility of our joints. For this reason, it is very common for older people to practice it for its many benefits to combat osteoporosis.

This popular practice stands out for being open to any participant, regardless of your physical condition.

It involves light instruction which works wonders with electrical stimulation. Thus, in some yoga workshops this exercise is currently practiced with the aim of toning the body.

Pilates and electrostimulation

 Like calisthenics, pilates is a physical activity that uses your own body weight to stretch and exercise. Its main aims are to improve the physical and mental balance of our body, a technique that embodies the Latin proverb of mens sana in corpore sano.

The movements in this method are continuous and smooth, avoiding any possible chance of injury. In this way, it mainly strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, spine and pelvis. 

Like yoga, pilates is also an exercise for everyone, as it does not involve great physical effort. So, as it is a gentle exercise, you can optimize this practice and take it to the next level. 

Electrofitness vests are worn during or after the exercises to tone muscle fibers more quickly. It is an aid to speed up the process of pilates practice and get results more easily. As the majority of the population is not able to exert a large amount of effort, muscle building by means of electrical contractions makes it possible to exercise all the muscular tissues without risk of injury.

Strength and electrostimulation

 Electrostimulation for increasing strength best combines the techniques we have explained, and is an ideal complement to improve the performance of any sportsperson. This has been shown through numerous studies, which support the fact that electrostimulation vests help to complement high intensity workouts. 

The level of strength is increased on both neural and structural levels. However, the exercises used in electrostimulation training must be adapted to the individual’s physical condition.

Therefore, this technique leads to an increase in the physical performance of the athlete, as long as it is applied correctly and its benefits are known. With it you can achieve strength gains, but it is important to accompany it with optionally performed equipment and methods, such as traditional exercises based on weights that can be found in any gym.

Cardio and electrostimulation

In the field of sport, there are many who consider that resistance opposes the construction of muscle tissue. For this reason, they tend to prioritize strength training over cardio.

These statements are partially right. Sometimes resistance can create conflict depending on the goal to be achieved. It is clear that a bodybuilder will not develop a large muscle mass if most of their practice is endurance exercises. Likewise, a marathon runner will not improve their times if they only lift weights.

However, most athletes are looking to increase their strength and endurance levels at the same time, and this requires finding the right balance. Thanks to electrostimulation training, you will be able to achieve better resistance and lose weight without losing muscle mass.

It manages to passively work muscles fatigued by resistance training days, meaning we will see our muscle mass grow despite fatigue. This is thanks to the muscle recovery process, the ideal supplementary exercise for those who want to gain strength without sacrificing endurance. Of course, it has the advantage of not exhausting muscle fibers, avoiding any risk of injury.

Which Spanish celebrities train with electrostimulation?

In the same way that more and more athletes are choosing to incorporate EMS into their sports routines, Spanish celebrities are also including it. Here are three of them that we are sure you know.

Paula Ordovás

Fashion journalist Paula Ordovás is the perfect example of a successful and empowered woman. She currently lives in Madrid, where she works as a Social Media Strategist for fashion brands. In addition, she often collaborates with prestigious brands such as Dior, Armani or Nike, among others. She is known for her work in the worlds of fashion, beauty and life style. Proof of this is that Cosmopolitan magazine awarded her Best Blogger 2015.

However, in spite of her brilliant success, she doesn’t neglect her physique. She has embraced the Wiemspro EMS system to optimize her results, saving both time and effort. The stimulation suit is a must in your wardrobe.

Eva Gonzalez

The former Miss Spain from Seville, Eva Gonzalez, exudes charisma and kindness wherever she goes. Despite having started her career as a model and having a degree in Social Work, we know her from her television legacy, starring in popular programs such as The Voice Spain and MasterChef Spain. 

Given her profession, the presenter always tries to take care of her image with a very disciplined workout routine. This past year, she has incorporated these sports techniques into her workouts, aware of their benefits for her body. In this way, the physical results she gets are much better and achieved in less time. You just have to see it to believe it.

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Maria José Suárez 

Another Sevillian winner of the Miss Spain pageant, currently known for being a presenter, is María José Suárez. One of her most iconic programs, and the one we all remember her for, is Noche de Fiesta, broadcast on the channel Televisión Española.

This famous woman has known the importance of taking care of her body since her younger days, when she aspired to win the prestigious beauty pageant. For this reason, she currently stimulates her body with electrodes on a daily basis. A method open to all fitness levels and ages.

Maria José Suarez training with electrostimulacion

Advantages of electro-fitness

The main advantage of this electrode vest-based exercise is that it is suitable for almost anyone, regardless of age or gender.  Electro-fitness combined with regular training sessions, either strength or aerobic, makes it easier for you to better achieve your goals, faster.

It will also help you to lose accumulated body fat, as it produces an increase in basal metabolism. At the same time, you will tone and define your muscle groups, something you can’t achieve if you only focus your weight loss on your diet. In addition, by eliminating toxins and metabolic waste from your body, you will effectively reduce cellulite.

Other physical results you will notice are: strengthening your abs, lifting your glutes, increasing muscle mass, improving posture, combating sagginess and increasing the endurance, strength and speed of your muscles. On a psychological level, you will see how your anxiety and stress levels are reduced.

We cannot forget its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases such as osteoarthritis. Nor its accelerating effects for injury recovery.

In this way, electrostimulation is becoming an irreplaceable addition that is increasingly part of celebrities’ training.

The excellent results they are obtaining with its daily use are obvious. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to subscribe to our blog!