Is it beneficial cold weather training in winter?

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beneficial to train in cold weather

If you are an athlete, you will already know that cold weather training requires extra motivation so you don’t skip training. However, in this article we will look at the benefits of exercising in low temperatures, as well as run through some precautions to take into account. We will also explain what type of clothing is best suited for training in winter and why cold weather and electrical stimulation boost training results.

Benefits of cold weather training

Before getting into the nitty gritty, let’s get straight to the point: training in winter is highly beneficial because, in cold weather, our bodies work to adapt and, in doing so, blood pressure rises. Then what happens? Well, this ramps up energy expenditure that generates body heat; or in other words, the cold speeds up our metabolism to produce heat and warm us up. Having said that, here are some of the most important benefits of exercising in cold weather

Kickstarts the immune system

The effects of exercise in cold weather increases the white blood cell count, which is responsible for helping the immune system fight off infections. However, you must ensure that the activity is not too grueling or too long if the outdoor temperature is too low, because the opposite could occur; in other words, the immune system could become weakened. 

Exercising in the cold helps boost weight loss

To fight the drop in body temperature, our body ramps up its metabolic activity so that the cells consume more energy which is transformed into heat. This process burns more calories. 

If we add physical activity to low temperatures, energy expenditure will be increased in two different ways. On the one hand, thanks to muscle contractions, and on the other hand, in order to correct the imbalances in temperature, air and sweat produced by exercise.

Besides, doing sports at low temperatures will help the body to transform white fat, especially white fat built up in the abs and thighs, into brown fat. The latter, in order to maintain your body temperature in optimal conditions when it is cold, will generate heat and therefore burn calories from your body more easily. 

Now that you know that training in cold weather can help you lose weight, put on your sneakers and go out and get some exercise before you change your mind! If you also want to boost your results, try training with the Wiemspro electrostimulation suit. In the section we will look in more detail at this type of training system that is so effective and sought-after by athletes of all levels. 

Benefits of train in cold weather with electrostimulation

Reduces the risk of dehydration

Hydration is key all year round, but when it comes to physical activity, in winter, in general, we sweat less and are less thirsty. As a result, water loss is accounted for in smaller quantities than in hot weather, and therefore there is less risk of dehydration.

This does not, by a long shot, mean that we should not be proactive and drink water before exercising and replenish the lost salts afterwards. 

Precautions for cold weather training in winter

The information below is intended to offer some very useful guidelines so that training in low temperatures is appropriate and risk-free.

  • First of all, beware of hypothermia, in other words, when the body temperature drops below 36ºC. Any symptoms of dizziness, lack of coordination or slurred speech must be quickly brought back to optimum body temperature to avoid serious consequences. If you think that the cold weather is getting to you and you are going to suffer, we suggest training in a gym, at least at the coldest time of day in winter.
  • Remember to stay hydrated to make up for fluid loss in order to avoid fatigue and poor performance. Drink water before and after training and throughout if training for over an hour.
  • If you suffer from heart disease or respiratory problems, such as asthma, speak to your doctor to get advice on the best training guidelines so that you can train effectively. Exercising is really important, but it is even more important to have medical supervision to safeguard your health. A health scare could lead you to stop exercising and, on the other hand, following the advice of a health professional could improve how your body deals with certain things. 
  • Choose the right sneakers because not all of them are safe and comfortable. If you want to avoid foot pain or serious problems such as plantar fasciitis, always wear sneakers. Nowadays, there are even specialized sport-specific products on the market for running, volleyball, basketball, etc. What’s more, if you are a pronator or supinator, there is specialized footwear so you can exercise in total comfort. 
  • Clothing should also be chosen carefully. To make the right choice, in the following section we will explain some things to take into account. 

Find out what type of clothing is best suited to training in cold weather

Wearing two layers is better than five, but these should provide maximum comfort. Bear in mind that, by wearing lots of extra layers, as soon as you finish warming up you will be hot and they may bother you when you start sweating. Taking them off in the middle of a workout will help you to cool down.

For this reason, it is a good idea to buy technical clothing made of synthetic fabric, especially in the layer that rubs against the body. In this regard, we recommend wearing wool or fleece, but not cotton. Cotton easily absorbs moisture and can result in sweat-soaked fabrics that lead to a reduction in body heat and, therefore, feeling cold or uncomfortable. 

Cold weather and electrical stimulation improve results

If good results and getting in shape more quickly is what you are after, give innovative electrical stimulation garments a try. Until some time ago, this method was only used by professional athletes or in physiotherapy sessions, but now even amateurs can get their hands on them. We, for example, offer you electrode suits that will help you to

kickstart metabolism and get more bang for your buck from your workouts.

“With the help of electrical stimulation, you’ll activate your muscle groups in a much more effective way, which will cut down on your training time without affecting your results”.

Electrical stimulation helps you lose weight. This is something that everyone who has tried it can attest to, but we want to give you the rundown on what this system consists of so that you can see for yourself just how effective it is. The impulses generated by the garment mimic the action potential coming from the central nervous system and provoke a muscular contraction with each stimulus received. If you want to boost your

training results, start using this innovative method. 

However, if you plan to put on the suit and take it easy, then you won’t see any results. Electrical stimulation and exercise go hand-in-hand, so you should train and work on physical exercise to stay in shape. The difference is that, with the help of electrical stimulation, you will activate your muscle groups in a much more effective way, which will cut down on your training time without affecting your results.

This, in turn, will improve athletic performance. 25 minutes of training with electrical stimulation is the same as 90 minutes training without electrical stimulation. In short, make the most of the resources on the market to get the results you are looking for.

Stimulation train with cold weather


To sum up, cold seasons are also a good time to work out, so, we hope the information provided in this article gives you everything you need to be aware of all its benefits. However, before doing your favorite physical activity in low temperatures, make sure you are wearing the right clothes and bear in mind certain precautions for a complete and successful workout. 

On the other hand, wearing an electrical stimulation suit in your workouts will boost results and you’ll give your muscles a much better workout in less than half the time. Similarly, if your goal is to shed weight, this type of system will blast fat in a more visible way and, therefore, you will lose weight faster. Industry professionals know all about their advantages and how to use them. So, feel free to ask us any questions you may have and let us know what kind of training your clients do so that we can offer you the best advice.
Finally, and going back to the point of this post, now that you know that training in cold weather is beneficial for the body, always taking into account the precautions mentioned earlier, we hope you don’t fall behind on your training because it’s raining or cold outside.