Electrostimulator machine: What you need to know in order to select one

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An electro stimulator machine is basically an electric wave generator device. Those electric waves are transmitted through electrodes which are in contact with the user skin or attached to it by a wet piece of cloth between the electrode and the skin.

There exists different types of devices which could be classified according to their purpose and type of wave. There exists devices with high-frequency waves, usually focused on sanitary or aesthetic therapy and low frequency devices, that can be used in fitness training as well.

We will focus on the latter ones, which usually use an cuadrangular-biphasic-regulated wave. The right way to name this technique is “electromyostimulation”, because it is focused on the muscle and motor neuron.  Now we are going to analyse their main characteristics.

Type of electrostimulation devices

In the market, we can find 2 main types:

  • Local electrostimulators: The number of muscles that we can stimulate simultaneously is limited (2-4).
  • Whole body electrostimulators (global-integral): They are able to stimulate almost all the large muscle groups simultaneously (8-10).

In both cases we can find two variants:

  • Wireless: It eliminates or minimizes the amount of cables, making their usage more comfortable and versatile.
  • No wireless: It has to be physically connected to the device and, in turn, to all electrodes. It usage is somewhat more tedious and it can limit the movement allowance (user and coach).

Obviously, the development of that technology requires local and global electrostimulation, and the use of cables to the wireless concept. That is why the trend of whole body wireless electrostimulation now rules the marketplace.

Let’s check it in detail, not all devices are the same.

Whole body wireless electromyostimulation devices

Not all devices in this category are the same. Here we explain several aspects that make Wiemspro devices the benchmark in whole body wireless electrostimulation

Current wireless electromyostimulation devices have a physical limit on their operating space, if the user moves away from the control point of the device (the trainer), the device system stops emitting electrical impulses. This obviously limits the usage of it in narrow spaces and training methodologies, with little dynamism and variety. Those technologies are usually based on wifi connection, so they do not work without them, they need an internet connection to work, because of it, they can not operate outdoor, they will always depend of a connection with a sport centre.

Nevertheless, Wiemspro devices present a real revolution in this sense. The device is connected to the Ipad that controls it by bluetooth , being able to operate limitless and as far as you wish, what means that the user could run, or ride a bike, as far as he wants, far away from the coach and without any interruption on the signal.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the exhaustive control that we provide during the operation of the device.

Usually the electrostimulation devices have just few programs recorded by default. This lack of variety makes them not very versatile, limiting the training to just 3 or 4 programs. The user has no chance to create a personal program or even to modify any aspect of the recorded ones. It is very difficult to check the technical information, being the brand recommendations or the intuition of the user, the only methods to access to the important information.

Wiemspro integrates 22 predefined programs into your control application which allows you to modify any parameter during the session, even though it gives you the possibility of creating and recording new programs. This ability to control and personalize parametres has no precedents. Furthermore, this system covers all demands and requirements, from the most basic users to the most demanding or peculiar ones.

Last but no least we would like to emphasize a final differentiating aspect of Wiemspro in comparison to other electrostimulation devices: the intensity. Usually the similar devices offer a maximum current intensity of 100mA, while Wiemspro can easily reach 125 mA (the user has always the possibility to regulate the intensity in each muscle group as he wish). This apparently small difference makes your application more effective in overweight people.

To sum up, even though there are more factors to take into consideration, it is clear that not all the electrostimulation devices are the same. It is important to choose good the type of device in order to reach all your goals with the maximum versatility.


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