Know the multiple Electrostimulation applications

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Know the multiple uses of Electrostimulation

Electrostimulation is used for more than muscle rehabilitation, or commonly called electrotherapy, which is widely used in physiotherapy to treat injuries in elite professional athletes.

Multiple electrostimulation applications in fitness have become popular in recent years, and this technology is increasingly used due to the multiple benefits it offers.

EMS Technology is usually used, mainly, in these three sectors:

  • In the aesthetic sector.
  • In the field of physical activity and sport.
  • In the physiotherapy sector.

In each of these sectors, the uses of electrostimulation offer a multitude of benefits for the health and well-being of each client.

What is electrostimulation used for?

As we have previously mentioned in other blogs, electrostimulation is the technology that is responsible for sending electrical impulses to the muscle groups that we intend to work, activating the deepest muscle fibers, and thus favoring involuntary muscle contraction.

The frequency and intensity of these electrical impulses are controlled by a device and software.

We can differentiate the uses of electrostimulation by sector:

In the sports sector it is used to improve the sports performance of athletes (whether they are professionals or not). In general, there is talk of a more visible and evident development of aerobic and muscular resistance, as well as an increase in muscular strength.

In the physiotherapy sector, its objective is to help recover from an injury, or as an effective method to treat certain pain, such as back pain, lumbago, or it is even used for more serious cases, such as multiple sclerosis or in patients suffering from fibromyalgia.

In the aesthetic sector, electrostimulation is in fashion and is increasingly in demand for its multiple aesthetic benefits. Some of the infallible objectives that aesthetic electrostimulation treats are to eliminate flaccidity in the arms, combat cellulite, prevent varicose veins, lose weight, tone and define.

Electrostimulation applications in physiotherapy

As we have previously mentioned, electrostimulation in the world of physiotherapy is commonly known as electrotherapy; and within physiotherapy there is the TENS system and the EMS system.

Both techniques work:

  • In the sports field: Help clients recover from their injuries and improve their sports performance. In addition, this technology allows contractures to be eliminated from those deeper areas in less time and without requiring extra effort.
  • In the field of rehabilitation: Offers patients treatments to relieve punctual acute pain caused by some type of injury; and chronic pain from some disease. The quality of life of these patients is physically improved.

Although there are many more functions that electrostimulation can perform in the world of physiotherapy, these are some of the reasons why electrostimulation is used the most; although the main difference between EMS and TENS is that a slightly stronger electrical current is used in EMS:

  • In EMS, a powerful muscular contraction is sought.
  • In the TENS it is a slight tingling.

TENS Electrostimulation

The TENS system (Transcutaneus Electrical Nervous Stimulation) acts as electroacupuncture to treat pain.

The method of application is as follows: Electrodes send an electrical impulse to the affected muscle area, generating a tingling sensation in it that activates the sensitive fibers, thus relieving pain in a natural way.

In more technical words, with TENS electrostimulation local or regional analgesia is generated.

Electrostimulation applications in sports

Sports electrostimulation is focused on improving muscle strength and sports performance. This type of training with electrostimulation is considered one of the best workouts for muscle recovery, and to achieve your sports goals.

This training is not done passively. To get the most out of the multiple benefits that electrostimulation can bring us, it must be accompanied by an exercise routine.

EMS training must be supervised by a qualified personal trainer to be able to control each muscle group and electrical impulses through an ipad or device. He will be responsible for adjusting the intensity of the training according to your objectives, to achieve visible results in less time.

“A 25-minute electrostimulation workout is equivalent to 2 hours of physical activity.”

Therefore, sports electrostimulation aims to quickly, effectively and visibly increase muscle mass.

Uses of electrostimulation in Sports

Get to know the Wiemspro Wireless System

The Wiemspro EMS training system has been created to exponentially increase the benefits offered by electrostimulation.

Wiemspro provides greater comfort and freedom of movement during training thanks to its latest-generation wireless system.

The Wiemspro system is made up of electrostimulation suits, device and software.

Electrostimulation suits

Wiemspro electrostimulation suits have electrodes (interior wires) strategically placed in the most important muscle groups that we want to work (core, back, biceps and triceps, thighs, hamstrings, and buttocks). Within the Wiemspro suits we find:

  • Shared use suit: The EMS Revolution Pro suit is made up of two pieces: trousers and an electrostimulation vest that are joined at the waist, and cotton underwear is placed under it. This electrostimulation suit can be used by different users, after disinfection.
  • Personal suits: Slim Plus, the latest in Electrostimulation Technology designed to offer greater comfort during training, without having to give up the effectiveness of the results

The electrostimulation machine

All Wiemspro electrostimulation suits are connected to an electrostimulation machine. This machine connects wirelessly with the suit, and wirelessly with the app or training software.

The electrostimulation machine is responsible for reproducing and sending electrical signals in a controlled and safe manner to the electrodes of the electrostimulation suit.

Its size is small and ergonomic, and it is placed in the pocket of the suit.

Training software

The training software or app is in charge of controlling all the training parameters: intensity and frequency of the electrical impulse, resting time, and relaxation programs, hypertrophy, fat loss, etc. It also saves the results of the training so that, in this way, we can monitor the progress of our clients.

Electrostimulation applications in Aesthetics

Electrostimulation is a technique that is increasingly in demand in the aesthetics sector due to its multiple and varied benefits. This technology has recently become one of the leading non-invasive body sculpting treatments without surgery.

Electrostimulation to lose weight and tone

Electrostimulation in the aesthetic sector is ideal for lost weight and toning those most complicated areas, and those that tend to worry clients the most, such as the abdominal area and buttocks.

Onnafit provides visible and lasting results

Onnafit uses Wiemspro EMS technology, but with the aim of offering results within the aesthetic sector.

EMS (Electrostimulation) stimulates the muscles through electrical impulses, causing the electrical wave to penetrate the deepest muscle fibers, thus activating the muscle. This muscular activation produces an acceleration of metabolism, which promotes the burning of fatty acids. This effect can be accentuated for 48-72 hours. In addition, by contracting the muscles, muscle tone will also be enhanced, helping to define the legs, abdomen and buttocks.

It also causes a stimulation in the production and quality of collagen, which translates into smoother, firmer and more flexible skin.

The Onnafit system

The electrostimulation pants:

  • Dansei pants for shared use, which consists of a fully adaptable lower part designed to be used by several clients, after cleaning and disinfection by the professional. It is easy to place, and the electrodes are located in the buttocks, quads, hamstrings, abductors, abs, obliques, and lumbar muscles.

In addition, Onnafit’s technology is highly compatible with other aesthetic technologies such as cryolipolysis, radiofrequency, ultrasound, or low level laser.

Electrostimulation applications in Aesthetics

Benefits of Electrostimulation

Electrostimulation offers numerous benefits. Here is a compilation of all the advantages of including electrostimulation in our daily lives:

Build strength and stamina

EMS improves muscle function and increases the intensity of muscle contractions, achieving greater results in less time.

Build muscle

The extra stimulation that the muscles receive during an EMS training session produces an increase in muscle mass or what we know as hypertrophy.

Reduce fat

The high metabolic level promoted by EMS helps burn fat faster and more efficiently than in a conventional way.

Improves body posture

The EMS strengthens the muscles of the back, the belly and thus to be able to avoid future back pain caused by bad body postures.

Relieve the stress

EMS makes the blood oxygenate and this causes us to feel more relaxed and combat stress.

Improves flexibility

By stimulating the muscles, they gain more elasticity and flexibility.

Tones the buttocks

Electrostimulation effectively and efficiently tones the glutes, lifting and hardening them.

Eliminate cellulite

EMS acts on fat cells and connective tissue. This, together with improved circulation, helps eliminate cellulite.

Strengthens the abdomen

Toning the abdominals with traditional exercises can be impossible, which is why having electrostimulation is the perfect complement.

Strengthens the pelvic floor

Electrostimulation awakens the pelvic floor muscles and exercises them after childbirth.


As you can see, these are just some of the advantages that your clients can obtain from an electrostimulation treatment, whether for fitness, physiotherapy or for body remodeling in the aesthetic sector. If you want to receive more information on how to incorporate Wiemspro or Onnafit technology, leave us your details here!