Electrostimulation during group training (part 1)

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Today we would like to talk about a part of the training by electrostimulation that just few people knows and applies today: group training with electrostimulation. Until the irruption of Wiemspro into the market, the performance of this type of training sessions was complex and, above all, there were many limits in the control of the session and the movement of the users. Now it is possible to apply electrical muscle stimulation during your group trainings.

Currently we can control up to 12 users with the same iPad, with no space nor freedom of movement. It is because of it that fun and effective programs began to be developed in different sport centers. Conventional directed activities are combined with training with electrostimulation.

Imaging to be able to apply electrostimulation during your dance class, toning, cycle, cross training … Applications are endless.

Why to use electromyostimulation in group workouts?

Application of whole body electromyostimulation brings many benefits to group activities.

Firstly, it allows reducing the timing (if you wish). That means, that by applying the electrical impulse properly we could do many efficient training, using the same time and achieving the same or better results. This benefits affects to centres and their users. The coaches may have more user´s rotation and more services to offer; users could save time without reducing results, even improving them.

On the other hand it is the perfect complement to certain activities in which ones few parts of the body do not have any stimulous, or in which ones strength levels have no especial improvement (remember that there is no health without good strength levels). Clear examples of this types of activities are dance or cycle classes. Now you can work the upper part of your body, eventhoug focusing on abs, arms or any muscle group at any time you want. Have fun doing your favourite activity at the same time that you performance a very complete and balanced training.

Another fundamental factor is the training customization level. Perhaps the greatest deficit of the group training is the difficulty to adapt it to intensity trainings in every profile. It is very common for the same activity to match people with very different abilities, turning the exsercise very difficult or very easy, it depends of their physicall condition. Whole body electromyostimulation can solve this problem by adapting the exsercise to every kind of user.

How can we customize group training through electrostimulation?

Wiemspro is the first Whole body electromyostimulation system where you can work with many and different users at the same time (up to 12 per Ipad), and using different programs. That is, you can apply to each person the electromyostimulation program that best suits to his needs. You could even create new programs and called them in a way that allows you to organize and assign them to each user.

During the course of the session, it will always be possible to adjust the intensity of the electric current, change the program, and even to pause the electromyostimulation program in a specific person while the others continue working normally.

If someone arrives with the class already started you could include him in the group without stop your training. In the same way, you could stop anyone’s program and delete him from your training screen without stopping the activity.

As you can appreciate it is already possible to work with whole body electromyostimulation technology by group training, controlling everything in a simple and safe way. You ould mix exercises and electrical stimulation programs in order to make your classes more dynamic, funny and efficient.

Take the plunge and get ready to try out this technology. We can assure that it will surprise and deligth you.


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