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Electrostimulation is being increasingly applied and demanded in a large number of areas related to health, aesthetics and fitness. As a result, it is becoming a trend in the present and is assured of a great future.

Therefore, it presents itself as an excellent career opportunity for many future professionals interested in this field of work. Whether you want to set up your own business or prefer to work for someone else, training in this field is a great starting point for advancement.

Wiemspro is a leading company in electrostimulation technology in Spain. We have pioneered training, education and certification in these types of devices and techniques.

We work internationally and, in addition to designing, developing and marketing a wide range of electro-stimulant solutions, we train a large number of specialists in this field. To give you an idea, we are Certified by the United States FDA and, due to our experience and knowledge, we guarantee you state-of-the-art training of the highest level.

The market is increasingly demanding qualified professionals in the different systems, procedures and knowledge related to electro-stimulant systems. Would you like to be one of them? You’re in the perfect place, read on!

Electrostimulation in the Fitness Sector

Sports centers, gyms, personal trainers and clubs of all kinds are definitely betting on these solutions. It is more and more common to create workouts, routines and preparation plans which include, totally or partially, the presence of electrostimulators.

Fundamentally, the most frequent uses are in matters such as weight loss, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, and muscle recovery. Electro-stimulators are also applied before, during and after competitions, to improve the set-up and accelerate recovery between events.

For these purposes, the different electronic devices that exist for their application are used in fitness and other sports disciplines. Of course, it is essential not only to have optimal technical knowledge to handle them, but also to have sufficient fundamentals to implement these electrostimulation practices as part of the different routines considered. Amongst this type of equipment, Wiemspro’s electrostimulator suits and vests stand out for their characteristics and effectiveness, and are gradually increasing their critical mass and influence in the sector.

Consequently, the sporting application of this technology requires the presence of qualified experts with the knowledge, skills and judgement to make the most of it. When, how and in what way to combine EMS with the rest of the training and sessions are fundamental decisions that not everyone is able to make with guaranteed success.

For example, the electrostimulation strategy to follow depends on the objective. It is not the same to seek to increase muscle strength as to recover the athlete after competitive efforts. Obviously, gaining elasticity, increasing coordination and promoting better functional habits also require differentiated action plans.

If you train as an expert electrostimulator for sport, you will have total peace of mind to take on these types of functions and decisions with the security of doing so in the most optimal way.

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Electrostimulation in the Aesthetic Sector

It’s a fact: we live in a society dominated by image, appearance and external beauty. One of the fastest growing areas of activity is undoubtedly the aesthetic sector. And, of course, electro-stimulatory solutions have more than proved their effectiveness in this field as well.

Thus, among the most valued applications of EMS are the fight against cellulite, the reduction of flaccidity, the improvement of blood circulation and a general optimization of personal well-being, including through relaxation, which always results in an improvement in mood and, therefore, also aesthetics.

In this sense, the professionals of every aesthetic center or similar have an important responsibility and great influence on the satisfaction of their clients. Using these technologies also requires the advice of specialists or the acquisition of the knowledge required for their correct administration. And we are here to help you. Moreover, its application for this purpose is very simple!

At Onnafit we train a multitude of experts in EMS for aesthetics, from plastic doctors to beauticians who wish to enter or consolidate in this field. It is not only an improvement for the clientele of each and every one of them, it is also an opportunity for business growth which, in the current times, is in the interest of all of us.

Now, it is not enough to have acquired a certain level of knowledge in the use of the machine or the specific electro-stimulator system. Much less so when we are talking about people. At Onnafit we certify the specialists who are going to apply your protocols, in this way we guarantee one hundred percent optimal results among your clients.

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Electrostimulation in the Health Sector

Nowadays, there are numerous applications that connect electrostimulation with health, medicine and physiotherapy. Thus, many people who have chronic or occasional pain are noticeably relieved by means of these applications.

As if that weren’t enough, the rehabilitation of injuries and problems (whether sporting or non-sporting) is clearly speeded up, assured and boosted when patients are suitably electro-stimulated. In this sense, injury prevention is also strengthened by doing so.

Achieving motor responses, increasing functional strength or operability, preventing atrophy and increasing tone are also common objectives in the health field which can be improved with well conceived and well applied electro-stimulation exercises.

For this reason, the training of specialists connected with the medical field is in great demand. Just as we mentioned when referring to the aesthetic field, when health is at stake, training should be mandatory.

In addition to being able to operate the equipment perfectly and knowing when and how to apply each of your programs, it is essential to have a global qualification and to keep abreast of the advances and new alternatives available. That’s why at Wiemspro you will always be up to date thanks to our 100% free e-learning platform if you are part of Wiemspro.

Whether you are a doctor, physiotherapist or simply someone who wants to explore this professional field: receiving the right training in this field becomes a highly recognized professional attribute. If you are willing to delve deeper into this subject, your future possibilities are more than promising. Especially when you put yourself in the hands of the best trainers.

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Professional Electrostimulation: Get your certificate on our platform Academy by Wiemspro

At Wiemspro we are fully aware of how important it is to use our electrostimulation systems correctly. Its results have been amply validated by the facts and, more and more, we are counting on experiences, real references and success stories that have turned us into real experts.

The training has to be optimal. That’s why we created Academy, our training platform for EMS trainers and managers certified by our brand. We have two levels of certification and we provide you with the optimal preparation to become a reference in the field.

In the process you will be supported by excellent teachers, who bring together the technical knowledge, personal experiences and communication skills necessary to certify at the highest level.

Remember, on the other hand, that our organization also requires other agents who need to be highly trained in EMS. This is the case of distributors, who are responsible for marketing our services and products in different regional markets.

Our commitment to research and development is such that we have even created a laboratory for testing and experimentation in the field of electrostimulation in physical activity and sport. Here we validate and test our solutions and procedures. The results we obtain, in addition to allowing us to improve our solutions, are a fundamental raw material for training the students of our courses even better.

To facilitate this preparation and adapt to the circumstances of all those interested, we offer two learning systems. Which one suits you best?

 Online courses

Sign up for our courses and train yourself in this subject at your own pace, from home, at a distance and with the most suitable materials for it. You will also be advised by teachers and tutors who know how to take advantage of new information technologies.

This is the ideal method if you need to combine this qualification with a job or further studies. We have a long experience in this field and you will find all the facilities for your professional development.

Face-to-face courses

If you have time, availability and freedom of movement, you can sign up and attend our courses and workshops. In direct contact with our trainers and with other students who, like you, want to train in EMS, you will get your preparation in an intensive way and with the human support of a great group.

Which option do you prefer? In both cases, at Wiemspro we are very clear about the responsibility of training excellent professionals in electrostimulation. You will increase your job skills and your profile will be boosted in an interesting direction, capable of opening a number of doors for you. Your future will be clear and you will get the support of a leading brand in an absolutely fascinating and avant-garde subject. Are you interested?