Power your Fitness Business with Wiemspro

Wiemspro is the 1st Wireless Electro-stimulation system certified by the FDA

Increase the benefits of your fitness activity

We develop our electrostimulation suits with the latest in tissue technology and “interior wires” electrodes. In addition, our device is compact, wireless and easy to use.

Train wherever you want and without limits!

10 muscle groups

Wireless Technology

Small groups

Qué es el sistema EMS Fitness

Wiemspro is the best EMS system for fitness professionals

Wiemspro Electro-stimulation Technology for Fitness Professionals has different certifications, including the FDA.

Maximum quality and security in the system, and easy to use, without cables.

High battery life

Wireless connection

Fast charge

Wiemspro app software gratuito

Maximum Profitability

We are your business opportunity and/or your business expansion. Electrostimulation Systems are the future of many fields dedicated to Fitness and Wellness.

Constantly Evolving

Thanks to the studies we carry out in collaboration with different Spanish universities, we have improved the product and the application protocols.

Scientific Evidence

Wiemspro is an Electrostimulation Wireless System developed by engineers with several years of experience in the design and manufacturing of medical equipment.

Certified quality

Warranty and guaranteed quality certificates. 100% Spanish manufacturing. Certified worldwide by different countries: FDA. ANVISA, INVIMA, CE, SGS, etc.

Certificaciones Wiemspro FDA

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