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Equipment for training with electrostimulation

At Wiemspro we have revolutionised the electrostimulation market with the technology of our suits and EMS suit. Always thinking about your comfort and safety, our electrostimulation suits are characterised by their ergonomic technology, as they perfectly adapt to your body; and for their absolute quality with the most advanced textile materials. This technological advance in EMS equipment aims to make your training comfortable, safe and efficient. Our electrostimulation suits are suitable for any type of user, whether you are an amateur or a professional of EMS training.

As we previously stated, the design of our EMS suits is devised to ensure that your training is comfortable, safe and efficient. Therefore, our EMS suits have the following characteristics:E



Thanks to their ergonomics through the use of elastic fabrics and closing systems which allow the user to feel that the suit adjusts to their body.



Electrodes that adjust to different body shapes thanks to the internal movement and the variety of sizes. They offer optimal performance and maximise the quality of muscular work.



Designed for performing dynamic exercises with a large range of movement that convey a feeling of freedom.

interior wires


The in-house production of the cables guarantees optimal adaptation to the suit, making it possible to hide them in the inside to offer versatility and comfort.

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Importance of the electrostimulation suit

Have you decided to incorporate electrostimulation into your daily training? In this section we inform you about everything you need to know about the technology, types and use of our electrostimulation suits.

 To begin with, you need to know that carrying out training with electrostimulation requires two accessories: an electrostimulation vest, or complete suit; and a device.

 This electrostimulation suit or vest has electrodes built into it that are located strategically around the body. These electrodes are activated, and send an impulse to the deepest layers of our muscles, generating a natural muscular contraction. The intensity or frequency of those impulses, can be easily controlled and operated through our training app, which can be managed using a tablet or iPad.

 All of this information produced during the training, is stored on the second device: a small device that is connected to our EMS suit.

A good electrostimulation suit needs to take a series of basic principles into account: it must be comfortable, safe and ergonomic; as of all the parts that comprise the system or EMS equipment, the electrostimulation suit is the element that is in physical contact with the user during the entire training session, defining and modulating the sensations they receive. As it is so ergonomic, the electrostimulation suits can be considered to act like a second skin on our body, which is why it is also known as an electrostimulation biosuit.

 As we previously mentioned, our aim is for your training with electrostimulation to be comfortable, safe and efficient. We think about your satisfaction and work to ensure that you have a comfortable experience, providing quality and wellbeing during EMS exercise; therefore, our electrostimulation vests and trousers are meticulously designed with that in mind.


Designed to be the most flexible EMS suits, versatile, comfortable suits in the world

This electrostimulation suit is formed by an electrostimulation vest and electrostimulation trousers. Both are joined at the waist. This EMS suit allows the sportsperson to carry out high-intensity training with the greatest resistance and comfort. It is made from state-of-the-art fabric that maintains ideal conditions for the user for maximum comfort through movement. Its use is suitable for use by several users, following cleaning and disinfection by the training professional.


This EMS suit has a wide range of sizes in order to adjust the suit to all possible body shapes. These sizes range from XXS to XXL, for both the vest and trousers, both can be combined in the way that best suits your needs.

This EMS suit is for personal use, and enables the sportsperson to carry out training with greater control and comfort. The advanced materials it is designed from offer the highest levels of flexibility and comfort during training sessions, maintaining the correct functionality of the EMS.


It has a wide range of sizes in order to adjust the suit to all possible body shapes. The sizes range from 1 to 9, for both the vest and trousers, both can be combined in the way that best suits your needs.

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Components of the electrostimulation suit

At Wiemspro we work with three types of EMS suits.

 Firstly, the Revolution Pro electrostimulation suit is formed by two parts: an electrostimulation vest or stimulator vest, and stimulator trousers with electrodes. Both are joined at the waist.

 Secondly, the Ultra Light electrostimulation suit has a design that is more similar to a cycling suit, and it is a complete suit, offering a slimmer version.

 And third and lastly, we have the Slim Lithe electrostimulator trousers, which enable you to carry out specific training for the core and legs.

 These designs allow the sportsperson to carry out high-intensity training with the greatest resistance, control and comfort. Our electrostimulation suits are manufactured using cutting-edge technology, and strengthened using advanced materials that maintain functionality and comfort at all times.

 Both types of suits have:


  •  Electrodes: These electrodes are strategically located around the body. The electrodes send an impulse to the deepest layers of our muscles, generating a natural muscular contraction. This impulse is sent through 10 pairs of state-of-the-art electrodes, and they are flexible, interchangeable, antibacterial and highly resistant.


  •  Cables: These electrodes are connected to the device through a series of cables specifically designed to fit inside the interior wires and avoid direct contact with the sportsperson.  


 All of the components have been arranged to form a compact whole characterised by its perfect adaptation to the body.

ems training suit
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Maintenance and care of the electrostimulation suit

Maintenance of the electrostimulation suit is very simple and convenient. As with any other type of training, it requires 4 basic actions: disinfecting, deodorising, drying and washing. Below, we have detailed each of these actions:


  • Disinfection: Following each use, it is recommended to spray electrostimulation suits with an antibacterial product. It is necessary to let it take effect for the time outlined by the manufacturer (normally 10 minutes) and then rinse.

  • Deodorising: Following this, spray with anti-odour product with or without a fragrance. Normally it isn´t necessary to rinse, even so, we recommend that you follow the instructions of the product manufacturer.

  • Drying: The electrostimulation suit should be hung on the hangers provided for that purpose in the drying area. A drying system can be used to speed up the process. In this case, avoid the heat source coming into contact or being very close to the EMS suit.

  • Washin: It is recommended to wash the electrostimulation suit every 5-10 days of intensive use. In the case of stains or odours, the EMS suit can be soaked in a soapy solution that is not very concentrated. Detergents and aggressive products should not be used to clean it. We also recommend soaking the electrostimulation suit in cold water to extract the mineral salts that accumulate in the fabric after training (It is recommended to eliminate the accumulation of salts once every two weeks).

Usage recommendations for EMS suits

Wiemspro EMS suits have been produced in way to make their use easy and intuitive. Easy to put on and take off, the time of the trainer and user can be optimised through some simple tips.

  1. Moisten the electrodes before putting on the electrostimulation suit.
  2. The trainer or user must ensure that the right size is used. The electrostimulation suit must be comfortable to wear and cling to the person, so that all the electrodes are in contact with the body and don´t detach from it during movement. Use the zips, velcro fastenings and straps built into the EMS suit to make it fit correctly.
  3. Ensure that the cables of the electrostimulation suit and device are correctly connected in order to prevent a disconnection or breakage during training.
  4. At the end of the training session, undo the velcro fastenings and straps of the electrostimulation suit.
  5. Hang the EMS suit in the drying area and follow the maintenance and care tips.


All of these tips and lots more in the Wiemspro video tutorials. Click here to watch all the Revolution Pro and Ultra Lithe electrostimulation suit tutorials.

Never before has it been so easy and comfortable to train with an electrostimulation suit!