Functional WB-EMS, new concept based on science

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Combine either way. For you, for them.

Once again, we break the trend. Because we don’t like the conventional, we always look for the most advanced, different, innovative, unique. Discover the evolution of electrostimulation: the Functional WB-EMS

We have developed a new line of programs and a methodology so that you can adapt electrostimulation to your functional training. It is a new concept, based on science

Abraham Carlé, Scientific Director at Wiemspro and top reference in the EMS field, is sharing all details through this video.

Wiemspro à la Carte

Thanks to this new concept of Functional WB-EMS everything will become easier for the trainer. It will simplify the learning and how-to-use electrostimulation, plus increase the rigor and safety of the training.

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The trainer, the focus of our system. Combine either way. For you, for them. Now more than ever, Wiemspro à la Carte!