Wiemspro and Sports Performance: Electrostimulation and Golf

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Electrostimulation has proven to be one of the most successful training support techniques at all levels. Able to bring out the best in both professionals and amateurs, EMS speeds up your metabolism, and strengthens and tones your muscles to help prevent injuries. That’s why the relationship between electrostimulation and golf is so obvious, a relationship that we’re going to analyze in greater detail so that we can explain the advantages of this type of training.

Electrostimulation for golfers: use of Wiemspro

You need to know more about EMS to know how it will help you when competing in golf. Electrostimulation is the technique that uses electrical impulses located in specific muscles to make them contract. It is, in fact, a training that imitates the electrical impulses generated by the nervous system itself, except that these are applied externally, through the use of EMS suit and other special garments. In this way, training sessions can be carried out by controlling the intensity of muscle contraction and achieving a precision that is difficult to achieve with conventional training.

In golf, this can be of great use. Keep in mind that each sport requires the strengthening of specific areas. The need that a soccer player has for a powerful lower body is not the same as the need to train the back and upper body that a professional swimmer may have, for example. In that respect, a golfer’s swing is a movement that involves a good number of muscles. And their power and stability largely depend on the condition they are in, so their training must be important if you want to continue advancing in this sport.

We’re talking about areas like the shoulders, the arms as a whole, the abs, and practically the entire core. All of these are the areas that a golfer should have toned and maximized to boost performance and avoid injury. In golf, even at the highest level, something happens that is not seen in other sports: since it is often considered a low-demand exercise, many players ignore muscle training and focus on acquiring good technique. Nothing could be further from the truth: if you don’t train your muscles before playing golf, it won’t be long before injuries start cropping up.

All these areas can be worked very effectively with electrostimulation training. It’s worth noting that this must be only a complement to the usual strength training… But one that has been shown to have a number of benefits for muscle development that few methods offer. Players who combine both types of training sessions will have a clear advantage over the others.

What’s more, EMS has benefits related to metabolism. In many cases, golfers who don’t bother to train anything other than their swing may have a few extra pounds that they need to lose. Well, due to the way electrostimulation works, after several sessions the metabolism begins to speed up, which favors a decrease in the accumulation of fat in the body.

Luckily, professional players like Miguel Ángel Jiménez or big clubs like San Cugat are only too aware of this. In their routines, they clearly show how to take advantage of a Wiemspro electrostimulation system, taking its benefits to the highest levels of performance and achieve any goal.

Electrostimulation and golf: How to get the best results

When you begin training with EMS, a series of aspects must be taken into account to achieve the best results. For starters, it’s always a good idea to have a physical therapist nearby. The advantages of combining the knowledge of this type of professional with electrostimulation are not few, since the therapist is able to better detect your muscular deficits and know where you have to do more intense work.

But it’s not absolutely necessary, either. Anyone can receive the appropriate training at Wiemspro, with courses that train them to manipulate and correctly use the different electrostimulation devices that we offer. These courses are divided into two levels: the first is for basic users and the second for professionals. This way, if you are a golf player or coach, you can quickly obtain the knowledge you need to correctly apply this technique and obtain the benefits of EMS training.

Of course, this must be accompanied by other basic training guidelines. Having a balanced diet, ensuring basic strength training before EMS sessions, and monitoring the most frequent injuries are fundamental aspects, which must be controlled while electrostimulation sessions are carried out.


EMS Training and Golf

Golf, both professional and amateur, is an increasingly competitive sport. It’s increasingly more demanding, and you need a good training plan with which to strengthen the areas that are fundamental for your swing. And so, the shoulders, abs, glutes, and quads should be the focus of any electrostimulation training for golf.

As you can see, far from what the usual opinion is, this sport can be very physically demanding. That’s why there’s a need to work the entire body, and electrostimulation can help a great deal in this regard. Especially in relation to areas like the abdominals and legs, which are worked very effectively with this system of electrical impulses.

You may start noticing improvement right from the start. Having stronger arms gives stability and power to your swing. And having a strong core and glutes and quads is essential so that the natural posture of your body is exactly what you need when taking that swing.

Electrostimulation is recommended for golf players

Given the condition you must be in to practice golf, EMS is totally suitable for this sport. Champions like Miguel Ángel Jiménez have used it for a long time, and they say that there are many parameters of their development that began to improve practically from the first session.

But don’t think of electrostimulation as meant only for top-level golfers. If you’re an amateur golfer looking to improve their physical condition, this system also offers you many benefits.

What’s more, one of the advantages of electrostimulation is that the sessions usually require much less time than what is needed for conventional strength training (which, on the other hand, should never be absent). This way to save time and effort fits perfectly with what many non-professional players need, and that is why more and more golfers are adapting it.

EMS for top competitive golfers

It’s very important to understand that high-performance golfers, those who play in the professional circuit, have very specific needs. These can be met with electrostimulation as a complement.

Taking into account aspects such as caloric expenditure and body composition is essential in any training plan. To this we must add, of course, a routine of cardiovascular and strength exercises that create the perfect physical base to be able to play golf in the best conditions. Well, EMS helps both to improve body composition, through the acceleration of metabolism, and to strengthen the muscles. Having direct help in these two aspects of training with a single system is very efficient, and it leaves room for more effective recovery sessions.

Boost performance in just two sessions

If you’re a professional or amateur golfer, and you’re wondering how long it takes for EMS to show its true capacity for improvement, don’t worry: with two sessions you will start to see results. Keep in mind that each electrostimulation session is of great intensity, but this can be regulated depending on each individual’s needs, of course.

But note: the work will always be greater than what you can do in the same amount of time through conventional training. This way, our system will help you train hard and save time. Two things that will surely interest you.


Based on recent studies, EMS is a completely safe and effective tool to improve strength and endurance throughout the golf season. Our system, completely wireless and adapted to different areas of the body, achieves optimal regeneration of muscle fibers while helping to accelerate metabolism to achieve a better body composition, essential for the effectiveness of any training.If you want to know more about the advantages of electrostimulation in golf, subscribe to our blog, and you will receive all our news promptly. What are you waiting for?