GYM FACTORY MADRID 2017: Feel the revolution of the electrostimulation

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Gym Factory-wiemspro

New design of Wiemspro clothes in GYM FACTORY

If you go to our booth (B5) you will get to know the last in full body electrostimulation suits. We have created 4 types of suits, covering the different needs of fitness and training sector:

1- Revolution pro: It is made by super-resistant material, suitable for the hardest activities. Trousers and jacket can be combined as much as their sizes, in order to improve the comfort during the training. You can customize size and position of the electrodes at whim. Cables are hidden inside, avoiding hooks and improving confort and style.

2- Lithe pro: Light, flexible and easy drying. Train as if you will be not wearing any electrostimulation suit. Trousers and jackets can combine sizes in order to improve the comfort during training. Position and size of the elctrodes can be customize as convenience, avoiding problems and improving flexibility, comfort and style.

3- Comfort fit proOne piece suit, similar to a triathlon bodysuit. It fits perfectly to your body making possible the training without underwear. Suitable for people who are passionate about this type of training and who wants to have their own suit in order to improve comfort. You can even train with your clothes on.

Raffle for an Wiemspro electrostimulation suit in GYM FACTORY

Visiting our stand (B5) you will participate in the raflle for a complete Wiemspro suit, with free training for one year. Come, meet us and enjoy the market-leading technology for one year.

Do not miss the opportunity, we are sure that your fitness center can make the most of this wonderfull gift.

Electrostimulation training in GYM FACTORY

We are committed toward excellence, which is the reason why we have a training program where you could learn the basics of training by full body electrostimulation, how to use correctly the WB-EMS in your workouts and how to apply it with the most advanced device. Discover everything you can do with Wiemspro.

New challenge are waiting for you in the Gym Factory 2017. Come, and live the revolution.


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