Here are the Keys on How to Attract Customers to your Fitness Business

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Here are the keys on how to attract clients to your fitness business

The fitness sector has been on the rise for many years and it is increasingly difficult to be creative in order to know how to attract customers to our fitness business.

It is important to offer a valuable and efficient service to our customers to end the tedious seasonality that occurs in gyms and sports centers during the summer and winter months, when the client stops coming to enjoy their vacations, neglecting their training sessions. .

To avoid this conflict, not only is it enough to offer a valuable and efficient service, we also have to have a profitable business model that helps us boost our fitness business in the face of these adversities, and with respect to the competition.

Let’s see, then, some tips to carry out this objective: how to attract customers to your fitness business.

Why is it important to attract customers to my fitness business?

The market, supply and demand evolve rapidly, constantly creating new ways to buy or buy and sell. The attract customers through valuable content, along with other techniques, has become one of the best ways to make potential customers find us.

But we have to be aware that attraction is not blind, by this we mean that it is essential that customers can appreciate all these attraction strategies that we create, and give it the value it deserves.

When we talk about the concept of attracting, we have to take into account that this concept has evolved a lot in recent years. We must know our customers further: who they are and, above all, how they behave when looking for information about fitness services, when they purchase the service and why, that is, what their objectives are, and what drives them to hire these services. This is the basis of the importance of knowing who our potential customers are.

Having information about potential customers will be essential to be clear about the channels and means of dissemination that we are going to use, how we are going to communicate the content (the tone, the message, etc.) and what techniques we are going to use.

We have to keep in mind that we were born to meet the needs and expectations of our potential customers, hence the importance of knowing everything about them.

How to attract customers to my fitness business

When we meet our potential customers, they should know what we are, what we offer, why they should choose us.

We must present ourselves as a solution to calm your concerns, solve your problems, or promote the achievement of your aesthetic and health goals.

To make ourselves known, we must offer a quality service and according to what we are communicating, we must stand out as a solution, and highlight our competitive advantage.

Optimize downtown space

Space is one of the aspects that potential customers value the most. The facilities of our fitness center will affect the impression that customers have of us.

When we talk about facilities, we are not only referring to the training areas, but to everything that is found within our fitness business, such as the toilet area, showers, parking facilities, lighting, machines in good condition and others. Extras, such as outdoor and green areas, pool area or sauna.

These areas have to be in the best possible conditions and give our customers maximum comfort and hygiene: coming to train has to be comfortable and attractive.

To ensure the comfort of customers, we must take into account the needs of each activity and the space available to carry out said activity. For example, if we have an outdoor area, dedicate it to those activities that need more space, such as crossfit. We also have to take into account that the space has to have walkable areas where customers can change areas without disturbing each other. In this regard, it is recommended that the cardio machinery be separated from the muscle area.

Another tip is to ensure that areas with equipment, such as cardio and free weights, have enough space so that the machines are far enough apart.

The aesthetic design of our fitness center can also help us organize the space, in addition to motivating customers during their workouts. We have to think about the colors, materials, inspirational phrases, music chosen for each case, intensity of light among others… Everything counts and everything motivates!

Communicate through Social Networks

“If you don’t have a presence on social media, you don’t exist”.

This phrase is becoming more real every day. Today, the majority of potential customers know us or seek references to us through social networks, not only to see our popularity, but also to see photos of our facilities, schedules, types of training and/or services. , etc.

Before making any decision, more and more people are researching on social networks everything they need to know to buy or acquire a service. That is why having your social networks updated and with an attractive feed is of the utmost importance, as is appearing in search engines when your customers are looking for your business or service on Google. In other words: we must be well positioned.

Social networks offer us the opportunity to talk with our customers , listen to them and create a community, a very important factor in this type of business, since it draws a lot from relationships between customers.

Paid campaigns on social networks or Social Paid

Reaching more potential customers is possible with social networks and the advertising tools found in each of them. Facebook offers you the free business manager tool, in which you can easily manage advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.

Next, we will comment on the three types of campaigns most used in this fitness sector:

Outreach Campaigns

Reach campaigns show our ads to as many potential customers as possible. The objective is the wide diffusion of a message or content.

Traffic Campaign / Conversions

With a traffic campaign we can direct users of social networks to our website. In all these options, the objective is to get them to carry out a conversion, such as leaving their data in a form, or buying a product.

Lead Generation

The goal is to get as much data as possible from leads or potential future customers. With the campaign to get leads, we can create a completely customizable form without leaving social networks, which allows us to collect all the information we deem necessary (the data that is most often requested in a lead contact form is name and surname, telephone, email and city).

With the information we request, we can contact them and offer them an offer.

Expand your fitness services

Renewed or die. Expanding our fitness services can be a significant headache, especially if we are not so creative, or lack sufficient investment to carry it out.

However, it is not impossible. Below, we will discuss some of the services that you can include in your fitness business to attract customers.

Extra activities outside the rate

We can include other extra activities outside of the monthly fee based on the trends most demanded by customers, such as yoga, boxing, HBX or Crossfit. In this way, those members who are interested can sign up paying an extra with the guarantee that these classes are exclusively for small groups, which will give them added value.

Incorporates Training with Electrostimulation

A 100% effective and profitable service, and which is increasingly in demand in the fitness sector due to its great acceptance by customers, are electrostimulation training or also called Electrofitness.

Basically, it is a normal active training, with the plus of wearing an electrostimulation suit. This biosuit transmits controlled electrical impulses to the main muscle groups that customers are most concerned about: glutes, quads, abs, biceps and triceps, etc.

These muscles contract involuntarily, allowing the electric wave to penetrate the deepest muscle fibers, thus favoring muscle tone and a perfect acceleration of metabolism.

In other words, while practicing regular training, the muscles receive that extra muscular discharge from the electrostimulation suit, favoring better results than conventional training without electrostimulation.

This type of training with electrostimulation is one of the best resources to speed up muscle recovery, and achieve visible goals, be it toning and hypertrophy, losing weight, eliminating cellulite, etc.

Here are the keys on how to attract clients

Physiotherapy or rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions are also a great idea to increase the benefits of a gym, since these types of disciplines fit perfectly with the concept of health that surrounds sports centers.

These services can be combined with electrostimulation sessions to help muscle recovery.

How do I prevent my customers from abandoning me?

It is true that it is important to attract customers, but it is also important to know how to retain attract customers and make them stay with us as long as possible. We are going to offer you some of the most practical tips to prevent customers from abandoning our fitness business:

Monitor customers

Knowing the behavior of our customers makes us know what is the most feasible method to retain us in the seasons with the lowest activity.

Control participation

What are the activities that work the most and have the most assistance within our portfolio of services? Let’s promote those activities, let’s perfect the technique.

Sense of community

Offer exclusive group activities or small groups that involve our customers, either through recreational activities or activities related to training.

Offers nutritional programs

Offering this type of service generates a differentiating element and positioning.

Closeness with the client

Having a good relationship with customers is also essential to attract customers in the future: word of mouth is one of the strategies that work best.

But the most important…

Delivers visible results in less time

Be an effective and visible solution, that stands out from the competition, with a powerful brand promise: Offer a visible and effective solution, with less effort.

Customers don’t have time to train, but they want to achieve their goals in a visible way, and when they don’t they have to abandon the activity, they become frustrated…

There is no magic, but there is technology, and this is where your fitness business comes in as a powerful added value: Implement electrostimulation training as a complement to help achieve your customers’ goals more quickly.

Electrostimulation is one of the best allies when it comes to offering effective, visible results without negative effects: from promoting weight loss, improving muscle tone or fighting cellulite, among many other objectives.

Implementing this system in your fitness business is easy with Wiemspro. In addition to being the best developers of EMS Wireless technology for fitness, we certify you as an Electrostimulation Technician with our Academy platform, free for our customers. We care that you can give your customers the best possible experience in your training with Wiemspro, and create visible and quality results.

attract clients

Differentiate yourself from the competition with new training methods

In order to differentiate yourself from the competition you can include different methods of personal or group training; These allow us to offer our partners training sessions completely adapted to their needs and objectives they wish to achieve. These are very intense exercise sessions that allow you to achieve your goals within a set period of time. Doing the different routines correctly to get the most out of it and at the same time avoid injuries.

With this type of training you can offer a service of the most enviable value, and we like nothing more than to feel special and that they take care of us, that they keep an eye on us and care about our goals. These trainings can be even more complete if we combine them with electrostimulation and give customers an even more exclusive service.

Offer a value service

Having the ability to offer a valuable service is perhaps the factor that most helps us retain customers. We have already discussed the importance of how to attract customers, because although it is important that they come, it is more important that they stay.

To offer a valuable service, it is necessary to create a pleasant environment in which customers feel comfortable, cared for and valued, and see how little by little they are achieving their results, and can maintain their motivation month after month.

If we follow all the recommendations that we have discussed throughout the post, we will be able to offer a value service that matches our customers.


It is important to attract customers and make them feel comfortable; that they see that they are surrounded by a team of professionals who care about their objectives and results, but it is also important to renew themselves and provide technological solutions that facilitate our work as coaches, without sacrificing quality in the results of our customers, making them achieve your goals, like the experience, drive word of mouth, and improve retention.

By following these recommendations, your potential customers will know you and will not want to leave your services.