How to achieve muscle hypertrophy with electrostimulation

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Hypertrophy muscular and electrostimulation

Hypertrophy is known as the muscular growth of muscle fibers. If we subject the muscle to adequate physical effort, as long as it has enough protein, it will grow. In other words, if we train intensely and eat a high protein diet, we can produce muscle protein and therefore increase the size of our muscles.

However, achieving muscle hypertrophy can be a hard and strict task, with a spartan protein diet, which is not always valid for everyone. In this sense, electrostimulation has become a key and effective tool to increase muscle hypertrophy. We keep counting you!

Objective: Achieve muscle hypertrophy

To understand how EMS and muscle hypertrophy are related, it is necessary to know the basic fundamentals of how to achieve this goal. Muscle hypertrophy involves an increase in the size of muscle fibers, which translates into an increase in muscle size, quality, and density. This is particularly important in sports disciplines such as weightlifting and bodybuilding, where the increase in muscle strength is a common goal due to the mobilization of high loads at a variable range of speeds.

To achieve effective muscle hypertrophy, you need to increase your dietary protein intake, as protein is essential to keep your muscles in good shape and prevent muscle loss. A protein intake of between 1 and 2 grams per kilo of body weight is recommended to achieve this goal, although it is essential to have the opinion of a nutrition professional to adapt the diet to individual needs.

What is pathological muscle hypertrophy?

There are two types of muscle hypertrophy: physiological and pathological. The first is achieved through training and is considered a desired result, while the second is related to the use of doping substances and diseases that affect certain organs of the body.

It is important to note that the use of doping substances such as anabolic steroids carries a significant health risk, so it is recommended to avoid their use and resort to safe and effective supplements such as protein shakes or creatine.

In the case of physiological muscle hypertrophy, effective results can be obtained by performing proper exercises with EMS workouts, as these exercises are specifically designed for muscle development.

Javi, a success story in the field of electrostimulation

An example of success is the case of Javi, who managed to considerably increase his muscle mass through a three-month training program. From the beginning, Javi stayed in a caloric deficit to reduce body fat while increasing muscle mass. In the second month of training, a significant increase in muscle tone was observed, and upon completion of the training program, Javi managed to significantly reduce his body fat.

Some improvements during and after training with electrostimulation

  • Improvement of muscle tone and the overall shape of the entire body at an aesthetic level.
  • Improved postural hygiene.
  • Improvement of muscle strength.
  • Improvement of the quality of the stabilizing musculature (CORE).
  • Improvement of the overall fat percentage.
  • Improvement of aerobic and anaerobic resistance.
  • Improved mobility of all joints.
  • Improved sleep quality.
  • Improved stress levels.

Achieving muscle hypertrophy with the Wiemspro EMS training system

Scientific evidence has shown that the complementation of electrostimulation with voluntary training can effectively achieve muscle hypertrophy, providing visible and effective results.

The inclusion of electrostimulation in hypertrophy training provides a novel stimulus that favors muscle development. On the other hand, the increase in mechanical tension produced by electrostimulation is very precise and achieves great adaptations, even reducing the loads that are mobilized during training. This is especially important in people who want to take care of their joints, either due to overuse during training or work (athletes or professionals with a high physical load), or due to injury/pathology.

Various scientific studies have analyzed the impact of electrostimulation on muscle development and have found that this technique is capable of improving muscle strength and hypertrophy in the muscles involved in training. Furthermore, the combination of electrostimulation with voluntary training has been shown to be more effective than voluntary training alone, due to the additional stimulus provided by electrostimulation.

“Electrostimulation allows you to selectively work specific muscles.”

The mechanism through which electrostimulation produces muscle hypertrophy is complex and multifactorial. It has been suggested that the mechanical tension that occurs during electrostimulation causes an adaptive response in the muscles, similar to that produced during voluntary training. This adaptation results in an increase in the strength and size of the muscle fibers, which in turn leads to effective muscle hypertrophy.

In relation to the increase in mechanical tension, electrostimulation allows a precision in the application of the load that cannot be achieved with voluntary training, which makes muscular adaptations very effective. In addition, electrostimulation allows specific muscles to be worked selectively, which is especially important in people who want to take care of their joints or in those who have injuries or pathologies.


The best electrostimulation system for muscle hypertrophy

Wiemspro is the first FDA certified EMS Fitness system

The WB-EMS or Whole Body Electrostimulation by Wiemspro system will help your clients to achieve visible results, and to enhance and make profitable your gym or fitness business.

The Wiemspro wireless system is made up, on the one hand, of full-body electrostimulation suits, such as the one for shared or professional use called Revolution Pro; and the Slim Plus suit for personal use; a device and training app.

Wiemspro is the first EMS Fitness system certified by the FDA, and guarantees effective and visible results thanks to the technology of the fabric of its suits, and the latest in EMS wireless system.

In addition, Wiemspro offers online or face-to-face training courses, as well as after-sales assistance, which will provide you with basic knowledge for the use of the equipment, and precise marketing and sales tools for its commercialization.

Wiemspro is your best option because…

The quality of Wiemspro equipment is unmatched on the market, making it the best option to meet your training needs. Collaboration between engineers and a large team of sports and health scientists in the equipment development process has resulted in products that truly meet the needs of users.

Obtaining international recognition for Wiemspro EMS equipment demonstrates that safe products and services are provided to directly meet your needs and those of your customers.

One of the most outstanding advantages of the Wiemspro system is that, due to its innovative development, group training of up to 6 people can be carried out. For those looking to train in a small group, the system allows each client to use a custom wave type, making group training a personalized and fun experience with high adherence.

Keys to maximize your hypertrophy in a healthy way

As in any type of training or objective, it is important to take care of our body and health, and not overdo it. Listen to your body to avoid possible injuries. We recommend these tips to achieve healthy muscle hypertrophy:

  • The first and most important: avoid doping. We do not want to say that you do not consume protein supplements, what we want is to make you see that resorting to other substances can be harmful to your health.
  • In relation to the previous point: follow an adequate diet. Eating protein foods, along with a healthy and balanced diet, and certainly physical exercise, is essential to achieve your goals.
  • Train properly without over-training. You do not need to overdo the exercise, since you will only cause an injury. It is essential that you train and practice the exercises correctly to maintain a good physical condition, since training with more load does not always mean that you will reach your goals sooner. The important thing is the technique and with a weight that fits our body.
  • Sleep hygiene. It is important that the body rest properly, and for this we recommend that you always go to sleep at the same time, do not alter your sleep time, do not eat or train before sleeping, and do not take your mobile to bed, among other things. things.
Hypertrophy muscular and electrostimulation


As has been verified, electrostimulation is a revolutionary training method that allows you to increase training processes, which translates into faster progress and evolution of our goals, or the goals of your clients.

Wiemspro electrostimulation suit have been designed to carry out any type of training, whether for muscle hypertrophy or cardiovascular training.

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