Muscle hypertrophy and electrostimulation

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Muscle hypertrophy and electrostimulation

There are many people who seek to work on muscle hypertrophy with EMS-based training. Electrostimulation can help you achieve this goal, but it must be accompanied by specific training.

The relationship that electro training has with obtaining muscle mass has caused the number of people who demand this type of training to increase considerably.

To find out how they are related, join us.

Muscle hypertrophy: What is it about and how can I achieve it?

Muscle hypertrophy involves an increase in the size of muscle fibers, which leads to an increase in their size. This is ideal in sports disciplines such as weightlifting and bodybuilding. Both disciplines emphasize increasing muscular strength because they are strength exercises and resistance exercises.

But… What is needed to achieve ideal muscle hypertrophy? The main result associated with increased fiber is the need to increase protein intake. Why? Because if you work your muscles and want to keep them in good shape, you need to consume the necessary protein to do so. Protein is essential, so the muscles will not reduce in volume and muscle mass will not be lost.

There are two types of muscle hypertrophy, physiological and pathological. The former is achieved through training, while the latter is related to the use of various diseases or supplements.

Physiological muscle hypertrophy

It includes the increase in the size of muscle fibers by performing appropriate exercises with EMS training, since the focus of these exercises is muscle development.

Pathological muscle hypertrophy 

It is made up of the same increase in fiber, but caused by certain diseases, such as ventricular hypertrophy, Koch syndrome, or the use of anabolic steroids or steroids.

After reading the differences between the two, you will see that the one that puts your health at risk is the second. Therefore, do not be afraid to increase the size of your muscle fibers, but do it through the recommended exercises and training systems so as not to endanger your health.

Achieve muscle hypertrophy with the Wiemspro EMS training system

Electrostimulation together with voluntary training guarantees great results, since the work that can be done in a training session with electrostimulation is much greater than in voluntary training alone and without the wear and tear it produces on the joints.

It has been scientifically proven that, by complementing electrostimulation with voluntary training, muscle hypertrophy is achieved. Several reliable studies have shown that electrostimulation in the medium term produces an increase in muscle mass and the cross section of muscle fibers.

Muscle hypertrophy with electrostimulation

Our electrotraining system

Wiemspro’s EMS system will help you achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. It consists of a variety of products, of which the Revolution Pro suit is particularly prominent. It also includes several services, such as online or face-to-face training courses, and post-sale assistance. All of them provide you with basic knowledge for the use of the equipment, as well as for its maximum exploitation.

The Wiemspro team is the best on the market and the one that can best meet your needs. Why? Because in its development process, the engineers focus, among other aspects, on making it useful for any type of need that the user requires.

The fact that EMS equipment has obtained the corresponding international recognition, shows that we have provided safe products and services to directly meet your needs and solve your problems. As we have pointed out, the equipment is made up of elements such as the Revolution Pro suit or vest, which is characterized by its comfort and adaptability to the body, and when you are training, it can give you complete mobility.

One of the advantages of the system is that, due to its innovative development, group training of up to 12 people can be carried out. A very positive feature, especially if you are a personal trainer, you can benefit a lot from it.

Development of a successful case of hypertrophy with electrostimulation

Javi ventured into a three-month hypertrophy training. This boy started with a significant fat percentage exceeding 20% fat and also with very low muscle tone. The goal of the training was to successfully stimulate muscle mass and produce considerable hypertrophy in all muscle groups. Javi, from the beginning, stayed in a caloric deficit to also reduce body fat and at the same time increase muscle mass. In the second month of training, there was a considerable increase in muscle tone and once the training program was finished we were able to significantly reduce body fat

Improvements during and after training with electrostimulation

Improvement of muscle tone and the overall shape of the entire body at an aesthetic level.

  •  Improved postural hygiene.
  •  Improved muscle strength.
  •  Improvement of the quality of the stabilizing muscles (CORE).
  •  Improvement of the overall fat percentage.
  •  Improvement of aerobic and anaerobic resistance.
  •  Improved mobility of all joints.
  •  Improvement of the quality of sleep.
  •  Improved stress levels.

Recommendations to avoid harmful muscle hypertrophy

Even if you want to increase the size of your muscle fibers, you should not compromise your health. Therefore, we suggest some techniques to avoid damaging muscle hypertrophy. They are the following:

  • Time needed to sleep: It is usually stipulated that we should sleep about eight hours a day so that the body rests adequately. Sleep time should not be changed, because if there are no symptoms such as fatigue.
  •  Pay attention to diet: in addition to physical exercise, to lead a healthy life, you also need a healthy and balanced diet. Your diet must respect the calorie intake that your body needs. In this way, you will get the right physical condition and it will not affect your health. At the same time, eating right will help you reach your exercise goals.
  • Do not take unnecessary nutritional supplements, so as not to delay the process or harm your health: You can consume acceptable protein supplements, but it is not recommended that you use other substances that may harm your health. Why? Thanks to exercise and perseverance, you can achieve your goals without resorting to other harmful products.
  • Train properly without overloading yourself: if you are overloaded and you work your body too much, the only thing you will achieve is to hurt yourself. Practice the exercises correctly and do not damage your physical condition. Training with more load does not mean that you reach your goals sooner. What matters is the technique and how to exercise well with a weight that fits your body.
Muscle hypertrophy and electrostimulation Wiemspro


As you may have seen, electrostimulation is a revolutionary training method, which brings together the ability to increase training processes, causing your body to progress and evolve faster.

Wiemspro suits are designed to be able to perform any type of training with them, whether for muscle hypertrophy or cardiovascular training.

We insist again that you be cautious with your training and that you worry about performing the exercises correctly, thus avoiding injuries.