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Electrostimulation as a method to attain muscular hypertrophy

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Hypertrophy muscular and electrostimulation

Many people seek to work on muscular hypertrophy with training sessions based on EMS. Electrostimulation can help you to achieve this objective but it must be accompanied with specific training.

The link between electro training and obtaining muscle mass has led to a considerable increase in the number of people who request this type of training.

To find out how they are linked, accompany us. 

Muscular hypertrophy, what is it? How can I attain it?

Muscular hypertrophy entails an increase in the size of muscle fibres, which results in an increase in size, quality or density of the muscle. This is ideal in sporting disciplines such as weight lifting and bodybuilding.  Both disciplines emphasise increasing muscle strength because they are exercises that move heavy loads in a variable range of speeds, however the current trend is to move loads at the highest possible speed.

But… What is required to achieve the ideal muscular hypertrophy? The main result associated with muscle development is the need to increase the consumption of protein. Why? Because if you work your muscles and want to keep them in good shape, you need to consume the necessary protein to achieve it. Protein is essential, consequently muscles will not lose volume and muscle mass will not be lost. It is recommended to consume between 1 and 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight to achieve these objectives. We recommend getting the opinion of a nutrition professional to analyse your needs.

There are two types of muscular hypertrophy, physiological and pathological. The first is achieved through training, while the second is linked to different illnesses or the use of doping substances.

Pathological muscular hypertrophy

It is an abnormal type of increase of muscle fibre, such as that which occurs in ventricular hypertrophy, Koch´s syndrome or the use of anabolic steroids or steroids.  This type of hypertrophy is linked to pathological conditions of certain organs.

On the other hand, the use of steroids and other similar substances entails a significant health risk. We shouldn´t confuse these substances with safe and effective supplements such as protein shakes and creatine.

Therefore, do not be afraid of increasing the size of your muscle fibres, rather, do so through recommended exercises and training systems in order not to endanger your health.

Physiological muscular hypertrophy

It includes increasing the size of muscle fibres by carrying out suitable exercises with EMS training, as the focus of these exercises is muscular development. 

Progress of Javier´s success story

Javi embarked on a three-month hypertrophy training programme. He started with a very significant percentage of fat, with over 20% fat, as well as very little muscle tone. The aim of the training was to manage to properly stimulate the muscle mass and produce considerable hypertrophy in all muscle groups. Javi, from the outset also had a calorie deficit in order to also reduce body fat and increase muscle mass at the same time. In the second month of training there was a considerable increase in muscle tone and at the end of the training programme we managed to significantly reduce body fat. 

Improvements during and after training with electrostimulation

  • Improved muscle tone and in the overall shape of the entire body on an aesthetic level.
  • Improved postural hygiene.
  • Improved muscle strength.
  • Improved quality of stabilizer musculature (CORE).
  • Improved overall fat percentage.
  • Improved aerobic and anaerobic resistance.
  • Improved mobility in all joints.
  • Improved sleep quality.
  • Improved stress levels.

Attaining muscular hypertrophy with the Wiemspro EMS training system

It has been scientifically proven that complementing electrostimulation with voluntary training manages to attain muscular hypertrophy, providing visible and effective results. Including electrostimulation in your hypertrophy training will provide an innovative boost that will encourage muscle development. On the other hand, the increase in mechanical tension produced by electrostimulation is very precise and achieves great adaptations, even when reducing the loads that are moved during training. This is especially important for people who want to look after their joints, whether due to overuse during training or work (sportspeople or professionals with a lot of physical strain), or due to an injury / condition. “

Our electro-training system

The Wiemspro EMS system will help you to achieve all the objectives that you have set yourself. It consists of a variety of products, among which, the Ultra Lithe and Revolution Pro suits are particularly prominent. It also includes several services, such as online and in person courses, and after-sales support. They all provide you with basic knowledge for the use of equipment, and for getting the most out of it.

The Wiemspro team is the best on the market and the one that can best cater for your needs. Why? Because during the development process, the engineers work side by side with an extensive team of sports and health scientists, which results in a product that really meets the needs of users.

The fact that EMS equipment has obtained the corresponding international recognition, shows that we have provided safe products and services in order to directly meet your needs and resolve your problems. As we have indicated, the equipment is formed by elements such as the suit or Lithe Pro vest, which is characterised by its comfort and how it adapts to the body, and when you are training it can offer you complete mobility.

One of the advantages of the system is that, due to its innovative development, it is possible to carry out group training sessions with up to 12 people. If you want to train in a group or scale up your training system, the system enables each client to use a personalised type of wave, therefore group training will become personalised training that is very fun and with a high level of adherence.

Hypertrophy muscular and electrostimulation

How to maximise your hypertrophy in a healthy way

Even if you want to increase the size of muscle fibres, you shouldn´t endanger your health. Therefore, we suggest some techniques in order to prevent harmful muscular hypertrophy. They are as follows:

  1. Time required for sleep: It is generally stipulated that we should sleep for eight hours a day in order for the body to get adequate rest.  The sleep time should not be changed, because otherwise there are symptoms such as fatigue.
  2. Pay attention to diet: in addition to physical exercise, in order to lead a healthy life, you also need a healthy and balanced diet. Your diet needs to respect the calorie intake that your body needs. Thus, you will obtain the right physical condition and it will not affect your health. At the same time, eating well will help you to achieve your exercise objectives. 
  3. Do not take unnecessary doping substances, in order not to delay the process or harm your health: You can consume acceptable protein supplements, but it is not recommended to use other substances that can harm your health. Why? Thanks to exercise and perseverance, you can achieve your objectives without resorting to the use of other harmful products. 
  4. Train properly without overtraining: if you are overloaded and work your body too much, the only thing you will achieve is hurting yourself. Do exercises correctly and do not harm your physical condition. Training with a greater load does not mean that you will achieve your objectives sooner. What matters is technique and how to train well with a weight that corresponds to your body.


As you will have seen, electrostimulation is a revolutionary training method, that entails the capacity to increase training processes, leading your body to progress and develop more quickly. 

The Wiemspro EMS suits are designed to be able to carry out any type of training with them, whether for muscular hypertrophy or cardiovascular training. Here is a video of a suitable training session for hypertrophy.

We want to once again insist that you should be cautious with your training sessions and take care to carry out exercises correctly, thus preventing injuries.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, we look forward to hearing from you!