Discover the Dansei EMS Sculpt Pants.

The perfect shared-use electrostimulation pants for your clients: tones, defines, and promote localized weight loss.

Discover the Dansei EMS Sculpt Pants.

The perfect shared-use electrostimulation pants for your clients: tones, defines, and promote localized weight loss.

Dansei is the new and sophisticated shared-use Electrostimulation Pants.

A perfect solution for your clients to achieve their goals.

The Dansei Electrostimulation individual pants adapts to all profiles and morphologies and are easy to put on, thanks to their velcro system.

These pants are designed for shared use, that is, several clients can use them after cleaning and disinfection by a professional.

The electrodes are located in the gluteal, quadriceps, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques and lumbar areas.

Pantalón Dansei de Onnafit

Dansei EMS Sculpt Pants works the lower body, especially the abdomen.

On the right side of the pants, we can find a pocket where we will place the electrostimulation machine or device for our clients.

This connects with the software or app wirelessly, and with the pants wires.

The electrostimulation device or machine transmits the program that we have previously loaded in the software or app to the pants.

Characteristics of the Dansei EMS Sculpt Pants:

mantenimiento onnafit

Easy maintenance.

tejido onnafit

Designed to give maximum comfort to the client with maximum efficiency in the results.

electrodos onnafit

The electrodes perfectly fit the main muscle groups. In this way, we get better results.

plug y play onnafit

Plug & Play system, designed to minimize the connection time between the device and the pants.

pérdida de peso onnafit

The Dansei electrostimulation pants adapt to all types of profiles and morphologies thanks to velcro technology.

pantalón de Onnafit Dansei
pantalón de Onnafit Dansei

External Tissue

Polyester 100%


Cotton 92%
Elastane 8%

Conductive fabric

Polyester 70%
Silver 20%
Elastane 10%

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Maintenance tips

  1. The lycra and the electrodes have fabric that can suffer wear due to the accumulation of mineral salts. We recommend that the pants be immersed in cold water to extract the mineral salts that accumulate in the fabric after the treatment. (It is recommended to eliminate the accumulation of salts once every two weeks).
  2. If the suit has whitish areas on the outside or a bad smell, we are doing poor maintenance.
  3. It is recommended to clean delicate areas when the treatment is finished to avoid the spread of bad odors and bacteria in the fabric.
  4. We recommend adjusting the interior cables of the suit every 4 sessions to avoid strain on the wiring.
  5. It is important before treatment to check the cable tensions.
  6. If any channel does not broadcast correctly, the technician must review the following protocol:
    • To make sure, if it was connected and it still did not emit well, we waited for a break to check the connection with the device on the pants.
    • If the cable is connected, the electrode should be moistened to improve conductivity. Whenever this process is carried out in the treatment, it must be paused.
    • If this process does not solve the problem, we check that the cable is in good condition.


⚠ Suits sent damp or in inadequate hygienic conditions will not be accepted for warranty management.

Hand wash

Neutral soap

Do not wrinkle

Do not iron

Wash cold

Let drain

No dryer

Do not bleach

No chlorine

Wash cycle