Personal training based on whole body electrostimulation

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On personal training, every good personal trainer knows that strength levels that somebody can develop are directly related with his heath and life quality. It can be apply to all population groups, it does not matter its age, although in elderlier groupa the results are more evident.

That is why in every personal training program is fundamental the strength improvement in every way. What if a special tool would allow you to improve your strength levels faster and without needing to mobilize large loads? It does exists and it is called Wiemspro.

Benefits of Personal Training based in electroestimulation

Scientific studies of middle-aged sedentary men and women show that just in three weeks it is possible to achieve great improvements in strength levels (greater and faster than with conventional training). The earlier mentioned studies also show that the best way to really ensure that it happens is by adapting electrical stimulus to each profile.

It is at that point where Wiemspro cames in. Its ability to create customized electrostimulation programs allows you to configure the electrical impulse in an accurate and unprecedented way. The use of this tool within a personal training program will give you the opportunity to get the best results.

In old people we also find evidence of the virtues of this kind of training system. It allows you to gain strength, maintain-increase muscle mass, gain independence and reduce the risk of injury from falling down. All this without the need for lift heavy loads or do exercises which technique is complex.

Furthermore elite athletes can get improvements in strength that are transferred to your sports gestures in a faster way. We strongly recommend the reading of our post about training with soccer players.

We recommend using Wiemspro as a complement from your training program, to use it as a versatile and efficient tool.

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