Professional athletes that train with Wiemspro Electrostimulation

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Wiemspro has become every athlete’s best friend. It is an electrostimulation system ideal for optimizing the results of physical exercise. Once again, technology is here to help those of us who care about our bodies and want to go one step further. But what are the advantages of this device? What is it for? In this article, we’ll clear this up for you.

Electrostimulation and sports performance

Electrostimulation (hereinafter EMS) is a method that is growing in popularity. It involves using very gentle electrical impulses to provoke a muscles reaction. In this way, they simulate, to a certain extent, the effort they make during training, although with some quirks that are worth noting.

So what is the main difference between this technique and conventional exercise? You will be surprised to know that, thanks to electrostimulation, it is possible to activate many more fibers in the same muscle group. Therefore, the results are much more condensed as the work is carried out in a more methodical way.

EMS uses this emerging discipline to complement physical exercise. In other words, you can benefit from the advantages of each method and workout much more intensely. In addition, depending on the sport you do, you will be able to improve your performance in one way or another (we will come back to this later).

Improves Body Composition

The secret of Wiemspro’s incredible efficiency is none other than its work on the almost microscopic level. What does this mean? It is not exclusively limited to activating the muscles, but also works on their inside to improve the body composition of men and women. In this way, one of the main effects you will see is how your muscles grow, as hypertrophy is achieved quickly.

On the other hand, there are other benefits you should know about:

  • Electrostimulation forces the body to use up to 50% more force than with conventional exercise, reaching 90%.
  • Explosive physical activity is almost produced, which translates into a better workout time.
  • Prevents the loss of muscle mass during cutting periods.
  • Reduces the proportion of fat cells and tones muscles, especially in the soft tissues.

In a nutshell, this electrostimulation device allows you to make very visible physical changes. It is thus possible to improve performance by gaining strength, endurance and elasticity. Undoubtedly, an ideal way to optimize physical effort and strengthen the pelvic floor, define glutes and tone the abdomen.

Boosts muscle recovery

We are going to offer you a word of advice: if you want to take full advantage of the benefits of this system, it is necessary to combine it with conventional training. This mixed method allows you to take your results to the next level and, moreover, in less time.

When we exert physical effort, the body needs time to recover. During this period, small lesions appear in the muscle microfibers that allow hypertrophy. This, together with temperature changes in the areas worked, produce delayed myalgias, popularly known as stiffness.

Even if you’re a high-performance athlete, you will have already noticed that your body is prone to injury. In this sense, EMS helps to heal the muscles by working in a very specific way. It mainly does so through three key lines of attack:

  • Stimulates muscle fibers to work from the inside and prevent injuries.
  • Corrects muscle imbalances and prevents groups from becoming weak.
  • It releases muscle tension and promotes intramuscular blood circulation.

Likewise, all of the above is carried out in a much gentler way compared to the natural recovery process itself. In this way, the musculoskeletal system is under much less pressure, especially your joints. All this translates into a faster and more efficient recovery.

Preventing or treating injuries with electrostimulation

If you have not trained for a while, it is necessary to heal a muscle that is, in a sense, atrophied. This is where this system works best, by making it gently contract and relax. Additionally, it progressively gets you used to physical exertion to avoid the dreaded injuries.

In the case of injury or illness, electrical stimulation causes involuntary muscle contraction. Therefore, you can work with the muscles without actually moving them, making the process much more bearable. At the same time, blood circulation is facilitated so that the body itself can contribute to the return to normality.

From a more technical point of view, EMS helps to create motor fibers. These are responsible for the correct movement of the muscles, so it is essential to stimulate them. On the other hand, it has great painkilling effects by acting directly on the nerve endings that produce pain.

Professional atheletes

Learn how our athletes use the Wiemspro System

The best guarantee of quality that this system has is, precisely, the amount of athletes who have placed their trust in it. The great stars of national, European and world sport trust on us to prepare for a major competition. What is more, they also frequently use its benefits to recover after intense physical exertion.

Here are some well-known faces who have used our electrostimulation device to improve their sporting performance even further.

Electrostimulation in soccer

One of the main stars of Spanish soccer is Dani Carvajal. Currently, he is a defender in the Spanish national team and one of the icons of Real Madrid. He has no less than three Champions League titles and three Club World Cups behind him, among others. He has become one of the leading ambassadors of our brand, which he trusts to keep him among the world’s elite.

Actually, Carvajal is just one example. If you take a look at social media, you’ll see football legends turning to EMS on an almost daily basis.

Electrostimulation in tennis

Two of the best examples of Iberian tennis, the Spaniard Roberto Bautista and the Portuguese player João Sousa, rely on our EMS to prepare for a tournament. Our system has helped them on their way to success and has allowed them to achieve feats such as defeating the legendary Novak Djokovic or triumphing in the Mediterranean Games.

Other sports

Olympic windsurfer Blanca Manchón regularly uses our electrostimulation device. Thanks to our combined physical training approach, she has been able to win numerous European and international championships worldwide. Another example of an athlete committed to this innovation is Nathalie Marie, the Brazilian standard bearer in fencing.

As you can see, our method covers an exceptionally wide range of sports. Two more examples of this are Álvaro Fernández, multi medalist in canoeing, or Paco Bravo, who has engraved his name in Crossfit’s history books by taking his strength to another level with our collaboration.

EMS for professional athletes 

So far, we have shown how the world’s leading sports figures have opted for EMS to improve their athletic performance. The proof of its efficiency can be seen in the enormous amount of gold, silver and bronze medals they have accumulated. In one way or another, our system has contributed to all the reasons to celebrate that they have given us over the years.

In general, any professional athlete can use electrostimulation to get more out of training. As we explained earlier, it is vital for preventing injuries, repairing the body and increasing muscle development. In this way, you can ensure more demanding workouts than with conventional exercise.

The key is to find the perfect balance between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Professional athletes, for example, need to work a certain muscle group with much more power, such as the legs (soccer players), the back (swimmers) or the abdomen (jumpers).

One of the most difficult aspects for an elite athlete is to follow his or her complicated training regime. Obviously, they need to train almost every day to maintain their fitness, but muscle weakness doesn’t always allow them to do so. In these cases, most people resort to electrostimulation to recover faster.

You will be interested to know that EMS is a fundamental part of football players’ training. How? Mainly in these three ways:

  • Recovering after an intense workout and preparing for a tough match.
  • Activating the quadriceps and gastrocnemius (calf muscles) and reaching maximum explosive strength.
  • Toning the lower body muscles after a period of rest or to overcome an injury.

For this reason, electrical muscle stimulation is a common practice in the most important football clubs in Spain and the world. At major world tournaments, the national teams also use this system in their training camps. It’s about making the most of new developments to take performance to the next level.

In short, Wiemspro has established itself as the best example of technology at the service of the athlete. It is undoubtedly the best way to tone muscles faster and in a completely safe way. On our blog you can find more interesting information about this technique. Subscribe!