Do you practice any racket sports? Electrostimulation can help you

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Do you practice any racket sports? Electrostimulation can help you

Nowadays, racket sports have become one of the most practiced activities. The most famous is tennis, but there are also other very useful ones such as paddle tennis, badminton, ping-pong (also called table tennis) or squash. Do you want to stay fit while you play? These sports are ideal.

If you think that by practicing these methods, you are only exercising the upper part of the body, you are wrong, because you can not only strengthen that part, but also strengthen the legs and glutes. It will also develop your coordination skills, especially hand-eye coordination.

Did you know that, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, racket sports can reduce the risk of death? Swimming and aerobic exercise follow. Electrical muscle stimulation can help you avoid injury, improve your performance and reduce back pain.

Tennis players such as João Pedro Coelho Marinho or Roberto Bautista, are part of the team of sports professionals who have trusted us and our training methods, for the development and improvement of their work as athletes.

racket sports and Electrostimulation

Advantages of wireless EMS

Yes, you can do muscle electrostimulation training without having to be attached to a cable. In fact, Wiemspro has a Bluetooth wireless EMS system.

Not all companies develop this innovative wireless commitment and most companies use devices based on cable connections. What are the advantages or benefits between training with a wired EMS training and a wireless Bluetooth one?

  • Outdoor training: This is its most important advantage, since it does not require a plug, so it is not necessary to train indoors. You can train outdoors with peace of mind.
  • Multi-Client Training: Enable group and multi-group training methods.
  • You save time and comfort: Not only the client benefits but also the trainer because it saves time and prepares better for training. Most importantly, this advantage occurs over multiple sets of exercises. The software system can automatically adjust to the strength of each client at a time. This means that the coach feels more comfortable preparing and guiding the training, which not only saves time and energy.
  • Combine training with machines: Since the cable is not connected, the client can move on the machine to perform different exercises.

Padel and electrostimulation

More and more people are practicing this sport over time. Its origin is in Mexico, it is played in pairs and the court is much smaller than the tennis court. The biggest difference between this sport and the previous one is that it is not played with a string racket, but with a shovel.

If you play paddle tennis and feel back pain, you should know that electrical stimulation is one of the best ways to prevent these pains from occurring. Through EMS training, you can increase the strength and endurance of your body, so the endurance of your back will also increase.

Using an electrical stimulator will enhance your workouts. For example, Wiemspro has excellent equipment and software that can give you a comfortable feeling in your work sessions. It will be easier for you to train because it provides a system of sequential impulses, the training will be more relaxed and pleasant. If you combine electrical stimulation with paddle tennis, the results and physical condition will improve exponentially.

TENS for tennis elbow pain

Tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, or epicondylitis, is caused when the outside of the elbow is inflamed. The swelling occurs at the joints of the tendons. Affected individuals can no longer fully extend the elbow joint and a feeling of weakness occurs in the wrist. Hand strength decreases and lifting or gripping objects causes pain. Tennis elbow is also called epicondylitis.

Pain relief with TENS electrostimulation

TENS pain therapy can help you relieve pain. The self-adhesive electrodes transmit the electrostimulation pulses to the nerves and this prevents the pain stimulus from reaching the brain. In addition, TENS therapy increases blood circulation and causes the release of endogenous messenger substances, called endorphins, which inhibit pain.

Do you practice any racket sports? Electrostimulation can help you


As you have seen, electrostimulation training can be adapted to any type of physical activity, both to recover and increase strength. In sports such as paddle tennis or tennis, it is easy for injuries such as the famous tennis elbow or epicondylitis to arise. Many people have decided to treat this type of injury with electrostimulation, speeding up the process.

Do you practice any racket sports? You know, try muscle electrostimulation with Wiemspro and you will see all the benefits you get.