Electrostimulation and Running

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Many professional athletes use electrostimulation as a means of recovery for injuries, but lately, it is becoming popular among non-professional runners.

Running is one of the terms used to refer to a continuous race. This exercise can be practiced by anyone, since it is a discipline that is usually done outdoors and is one of the cheapest sports.

In recent years, the number of people who start running has increased considerably, due to the physical and mental benefits they bring to the body.

In addition to being the most common and effective way to lose weight, it provides many other ways to exercise the body and mind that we will discuss below.

Health benefits of running

Running, if practiced regularly, offers many advantages, among them we can find:

  • The prevention of various diseases, such as obesity or hypertension.
  • It improves health, both by the immune system and by improving the cardiovascular system, stimulates the lung layer, speeds up metabolism and decreases the risk of blood clots.
  • It strengthens the bones, since it is an impact exercise, it helps the bones to become harder and increase their density, preventing bone diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • It combats anxiety and stress, improving the mental health of those who practice it and that the athlete can face problems such as anxiety.

As we already know about running, it is a very complete aerobic exercise, especially because of its great calorie burning, increasing the person’s ability to lose weight. It also fights against cellulite and tones the body, due to the great burning of calories, which must also be combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

It helps you rest much better, due to the great effort of the race, which leads to burning a lot of daily energy and makes it easier to fall asleep at night.

It has also been shown that both running and any sport in which a lot of energy is burned increase self-esteem by setting objectives, goals, and fulfilling them, in addition to seeing the physical development that the body experiences.

Possible risks of running

Running is a very good sport for health and that the day to day of people have a better time physically and mentally. The only bad thing about running is that it is a very damaging sport, especially for the load-bearing joints or on the cartilage of the spine.

To avoid strong impacts on our joints and not injure ourselves, it is advisable to consult a professional before starting, and to guide us a little, especially if some of the following situations occur:

  • Foot injuries.
  • Spinal injuries, such as osteoarthritis or scoliosis, as long as it is advanced.
  • Serious cardiorespiratory problems.
  • Load-bearing joint injuries that affect the articular cartilage, such as in the hips or knees.
Electrostimulation and Running

Avoid running injuries

When you start running or with any sport in which someone is starting, you have to follow a series of recommendations to avoid injuries. Things like the position of the body or the shoes can influence. Some aspects to take into account are:

  • Always warm up before starting physical exercise.
  • Avoid hard surfaces, such as asphalt, and try to run on gravel or dirt that cushions your stride more.
  • Maintaining good posture and relaxed shoulders is very important while running.
  • If you run very often, it is advisable to buy good shoes with cushioning and change them every 700 kilometers.
  • If you start to feel pain in any joint or muscle, you have to stop immediately.
  • Do not go overboard with the duration and intensity of training, so that the muscles and joints are not overloaded.
  • If you have a joint injury, it is better to change your sport, to a softer one that does not have as much impact on the joint

Typical running goals

Endurance Running

This problem has an easy solution. The only thing you have to do is be constant with your training and continue every day and don’t be too lazy to go running. Even if at first you run for 20 minutes because you are overweight or simply don’t have any resistance, little by little and continuously, the resistance will increase considerably.

These races can start alternating with a minute of rest to catch your breath and start again. You have to follow a calm rhythm, that you can run and at the same time be able to chat with someone. Normally, there doesn’t come a point where you can’t increase the resistance any further due to lack of strength. That is why it is very important that the runner also do weight or rubber band work.

When the barrier of 60 minutes running is broken, you can continue with a plan. If you are a regular runner, long changes of pace can be done, allowing you to improve endurance and aerobic power.

Running to lose weight

The main thing to lose weight, in addition to exercising and moving, is to eat less and better. The 5 balanced meals a day is the best way to achieve this according to many experts. A powerful breakfast with all kinds of nutrients, a mid-morning snack, like a fruit, is key. At noon, it is better to take some carbohydrates and thus not leave them for the night and burn them during the afternoon. In the mid-afternoon, another fruit or yogurt is recommended and end the day with a light dinner, such as a salad or grilled fish.

To lose weight, it is recommended to do 5 weekly workouts that alternate during the days of the week. 3 slow sessions of one hour, so that the body begins to burn fat and 2 sessions of 45 minutes that will be done at a higher rate and thus burn carbohydrates, which if they are not burned, end up turning into fat.

Running with EMS

As we could see, running is becoming popular and offers multiple health benefits, but also injuries. So, how can the muscle electrostimulation system help runners?

Electrostimulation provides benefits in the recovery of the athlete, accelerating the process. In addition, its use has been standardized as a support for rehabilitation due to its ability to accelerate the recovery of muscle tissues from injuries. EMS helps reduce muscle overload by reducing the information you need to send to your nervous system.

Regarding its influence on physical fitness, electrostimulation helps athletes to improve their speed, but it must be combined with training to increase strength.



Running is a very complete sport, although at the same time very harmful. It is necessary to take into account, especially for beginners, the postures to follow and the technique to practice so as not to damage the joints.

If you want to lose weight or define your body, you have to complement aerobic exercise with a little strength exercise, either with weights or rubber bands, and above all, alternate all these exercises with a healthy and balanced diet.

The combination of these exercises with muscle electrostimulation will allow you to reduce injuries and pain caused by muscle overload. Also, it will help you gain strength and increase speed if you combine aerobic exercises with strength exercises.