Meet the best! Slim Lithe EMS Personal Pants

Achieve your clients' goals with maximum comfort thanks to the individual Slim Lithe pants, the latest in fabric technology.

Comfortable, easy to put on with incredible results.

This is the personal electrostimulation pants, perfect for your clients.

The Slim Lithe electrostimulation personal pants are leggings-style: comfortable, easy to put on, adapt perfectly to your body, and designed for personal use.

Like the EMS Dansei pants, its electrodes are located in the gluteal area (x2), thighs, hamstrings,
calves, abdominals, obliques, and lower back.

With the Slim Lithe pants, you will be able to strengthen and tone these areas, reduce the waist’s perimeter, and define the core and the buttocks.

Pantalón Slim Lithe EMS

The Slim Lithe Personal Electrostimulation Pant is 100% Effective and Comfortable.

On the right side of the pants, we can find a pocket where we will place the electrostimulation machine or device for our clients.

This connects with the software or app wirelessly, and with the pants wires.

The electrostimulation device or machine transmits the program that we have previously loaded in the software or app to the pants.

Characteristics of the Slim Lithe Personal Electro-stimulation pants:

Pantalón EMS Slim Lithe
mantenimiento onnafit

Easy maintenance.

tejido onnafit

Designed to give maximum comfort to the client with maximum efficiency in the results.

electrodos onnafit

The electrodes perfectly fit the main muscle groups. In this way, we get better results.

plug y play onnafit

Plug & Play system, designed to minimize the connection time between the device and the pants.

pérdida de peso onnafit

The Dansei electrostimulation pants adapt to all types of profiles and morphologies thanks to velcro technology.

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