Slim Plus Electrostimulation One-Piece Personal skinsuit

Patented to safeguard its exclusivity and quality.

Introducing Slim Plus, the cutting-edge electrostimulation suit, patented for its innovative design and market-leading technology, thus ensuring its unparalleled exclusivity and quality.

Slim Plus electrostimulation One-Piece Personal skinsuit is the latest in Electrostimulation Technology for Professionals, and is designed to offer greater comfort during training, without sacrificing effectiveness in results.

Recurso 1

Fit & Flex

Versatil y resistente

Versatile and

tejido conductivo

Elastic Conductive

ajuste personal


Greater freedom of movement

The Slim Plus electrostimulation skinsuit adapts to your body to be able to perform training with maximum comfort.

It is easy and quick to wear and comfortable for carrying out the exercises.

It is made with the latest in fabric technology, offering complete freedom of movement during physical activity.

Conductive fabric


External Tissue



Traje Personal by WiemsFit, nuevo Slim Plus 2023
Slim Plus Traje Personal by WiemsFit
Slim Plus Traje Personal WiemsFit by Wiemspro
Traje personal de electroestimulación Slim Plus 2023

Characteristics of the slim plus electrostimulation skinsuit

Easy maintenance

Easy use and storage, all designed so that you forget about maintenance tasks.

Fit & force

This intelligent fabric maintains the ideal conditions for the user for maximum comfort through movement. High resistance plus incredible freedom of movement.

Plug & play

Analyze and reduce the connection time of the suit to the device, through Wiemspro cables and the Plug & Play system.

Interior wires

The in-house manufacture of the cables guarantees maximum adaptation to the suit, allowing it to be camouflaged inside to provide versatility and comfort.

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Slim Plus EMS Suit by Wiemspro

maintenance advice

1. The lycra and electrodes have fabric that can suffer wear due to the accumulation of mineral salts, We recommend that the suit be immersed in cold water to extract the mineral salts that accumulate in the fabric after training (It is recommended to eliminate the accumulation of salts once every two weeks).
2. If the suit has whitish areas on the outside or a bad smell, we are doing poor maintenance of the suit.
3. The suit is for personal use, it is designed to be worn 2 or 3 times a week for EMS training. The warranty for this suit only covers manufacturing defects and all types of wear, damage or misuse are outside the warranty.
4. It is recommended to clean delicate areas when you finish training to avoid the spread of bad odors and bacteria in the fabric. Wash with neutral soap or an antibacterial product sprayed or sprayed in the armpit and pants areas, allowing them to dry in a ventilated area (at least every 3 or 4 workouts).
5. We recommend adjusting the interior cables of the suit every 4 sessions to avoid strain on the wiring.
6. It is important before training to check the cable tensions at the waist.
7. If any channel does not broadcast correctly, the client must review the following protocol:

  • To make sure, if it is connected and it still does not emit well, we wait for a break to check the connection with the suit device.
  • The electrode should be moistened if the cable is connected to improve conductivity. Whenever this process is carried out, the training must be paused.
  • If this process does not solve the problem, we check that the cable is in good condition.


⚠ Suits that are sent damp or in inadequate hygienic conditions will not be accepted for warranty management.