Second Distributors Meeting

Next May, from the 17th to the 19th, we will enjoy the Second Distributors Meeting. This event will take place in Malaga (Spain). All the international Wiemspro Distributors will meet to learn and discuss about the brand’s latests news, in various topics such as: Marketing innovations focused on the Wiemspro brand The latest news of […]

The 5 most common mistakes in training with electrostimulation


EMS knowledge has been evolving over the last few decades.  We now understand EMS science much better, backed up by credible research conducted in the last few years. There is a new fitness paradigm emerging with whole body EMS training. Since this paradigm is just emerging, there is quite a lot of confusion out there.  […]

GYM FACTORY MADRID 2017: Feel the revolution of the electrostimulation

Gym Factory-wiemspro

New design of Wiemspro clothes in GYM FACTORY If you go to our booth (B5) you will get to know the last in full body electrostimulation suits. We have created 4 types of suits, covering the different needs of fitness and training sector: 1- Revolution pro: It is made by super-resistant material, suitable for the hardest activities. Trousers and jacket can be […]

Electrostimulation and Golf


Golf and electrostimulation go hand in hand. Golf is a precision sport in which the metabolic requirements (caloric expenditure, heart rate, lactate accumulation …) are not too high. Very often, people tend to think wrongly that it is alow demand sport, in which injuries will be improbable and the physical preparation does not play a fundamental role. This misguided reasoning […]

Wiemspro workouts en FIBO Cologne 2017

FIBO Cologne-Wiemspro

We went to FIBO with several goals, which included showing our concept of training with WB-EMS and the technological development that supports it. Training professionals at FIBO Cologne 2017 The aim of our participation in FIBO Cologne 2017 was to go beyond the expansion and exhibition of the company and product. We were focusing on to show, to explain and to train people about […]

WB EMS wireless Wiemspro: Customised electrostimulation

Experience the complete freedom and flexibility of the electrostimulation which the WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro provides. With its customised workout program, create personalised electric impulse profiles for your clients. WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro. Your training customised to the full The WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro is an innovative electrostimulation training program, which allows you to completely customise your muscle electrostimulation training programs, […]