Talk at the Pablo de Olavide University

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Rafa Gil, Bachelor of Physical Education from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Spain´s Sales Manager of Wiemspro, gave a talk to students of the Degree of Science of Physical Activity and Sports of the Pablo de Olavide University.
At the invitation of the teachers of the subject “Methodological Innovation and New Trends in Physical Education”, Rosario Teva Villén and Marta García Tascón, two training sessions were held with a total of 40 students.
The day began with an exhibition of the main scientific studies on whole body electrostimulation (WB-EMS). These studies are the fundamental basis on which Wiemspro technology is based and which support the effectiveness of training with our technology. At present, Wiemspro continues collaborating with different Universities in research projects.
Then the technical specifications of our devices and suits were detailed, as well as the App that allows the total customization of the training. This gave way to the introduction of the main electrical wave parameters and the rest of the characteristics to be taken into account in a training session with electrostimulation.
Before going on to the practical part, the possible incompatibilities of use were exposed as well as all the safety measures that must be fulfilled when using the system.
Finally, a demo was carried out in which some volunteers could try sensations by putting on our suits and doing exercises.
In short, an informative and formative day very productive for all parties. In Wiemspro we think that training is essential for the use of our system and therefore the Wiemspro Academy will be launched shortly, with different courses on whole-body electrostimulation applied to physical and sports training.