The rise of electrostimulation

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A few days ago an article with this title was published in the Spanish newspaper “Huelva Información”. The interview and demonstration of the system was carried out at the Move On center in Huelva, they are working with the Wiemspro technology.

It is true. Whole-body electrostimulation is booming. After a period in which this system came to be related to a sedentary lifestyle, by putting on a suit plugged into a machine for 20 minutes a week without carrying out any exercise, it was precisely Wiemspro who carried out a complete technical and methodological regeneration all over the world, with a diametrically opposite view to the previous one.

On one hand the cable has been removed, what has opened a world of possibilities. There are no longer any spatial limitations to apply electrostimulation anywhere and any time. On the other hand, it has been proved that our system is a really powerful tool that complements, improves and enhances any workout.

Different scientific studies already support it, but not in accordance with that, Wiemspro collaborates with prestigious universities in new research projects, such as “Whole-body electrostimulation and physiological ageing process. Impact on different health biomarkers” of the University of Granada, “Whole-body electrostimulation and strength improvements”of the Ramón Llull University, or “Whole-body electrostimulation and HIIT workout”of the University of Extremadura.

Wiemspro doesn’t understand whole-body electrostimulation (WB-EMS) without physical exercise, without a training adapted to the costumer´s needs and goals and, of course, without a professional electrostimulation behind each one of our systems. And it is a philosophy that we share with all our clients, such as the Move On center in Huelva, where they know how to get the most out of each session, fully customizing all training parameters with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life of the client and fullfill the goals set.

If you have not yet tried the WB-EMS we encourage you to do so.

Access to the article in Huelva Information (Rocío Requena, Huelva, October 1, 2018)