Is it possible to tone up and lose weight at the same time?

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Tone up

To keep your body in good shape and be happy with it, you need to lose weight in a healthy way and at the same time it is also important to tone up, so that your body can get into the desired shape.

Usually, to lose weight, people go on strict diets, avoiding some nutrients, consuming fewer calories, etc.

These are methods that work if you want to lose weight, but your body doesn’t stay the way you want it to.

In the next article we will show you other ways to help you lose weight and tone up.

What does toning with electrodes consist of?

This method of passive gymnastics consists of sending impulses through electrodes to the muscles, similarly to the natural way that the brain does. These are connected directly to the muscle and imitate the impulses that the brain sends. These stimuli are converted into contractions, strengthening the muscle tissue and eliminating the liquids that are retained in it. 

Another of the advantages of electrostimulation is that it is therapeutic for long term injuries, such as contractures or muscular ailments. Additionally,

it reaches deep into the muscle fibers that are more difficult to activate by means of conventional training.

How to tone from the electrodes

The electrodes provide strong enough stimuli to reach almost every muscle in the body, activating and burning a large number of calories and generating testosterone. These stimuli have to be accompanied by movements made by the person, as they do not work if there is no minimum movement, since it is not a physiotherapy activity.

You will gain momentum, strength and muscular endurance, while also toning the muscles of the whole body. To tone with electrodes so that all the muscles work well and collectively, it is necessary to alternate the stimuli received with a routine of postures depending on what you are looking for.

Tone from the electrodes

How to make good use of toning electrodes

Anyone who wants to tone up with electrodes must have a minimum physical condition. If they don’t, and start training with these products at an intermediate intensity, it can be harmful to their health, as well as damaging to some muscles.

It is also very important to be very hydrated for the session, as they are very continuous movements and during long series. They are clearly supervised by a trainer who knows the machine and the physical condition of the customer.

This method is also widely used by elite athletes – especially to recover from injuries – activating the damaged muscles and making them work little by little so that they heal in the best possible way.

It is also used to relieve pain, applying a different type of current that, when applied to a specific area in a time between 30 and 40 minutes, achieves pain relief in the area.

It is important to know that electro-stimulation can be used daily, but it must be accompanied by other types of physical activity and a balanced diet to achieve the desired results. In addition to these two very important factors, the muscular work when toning with electrodes must also be alternated with work on the respiratory apparatus and the heart rate.

This type of training cannot be done every day, since in one session they work around 400 muscles simultaneously and it is not recommended to do it days in a row because the muscle fibers will not be prepared for that level of intensity in such a short time and there may be risks of injury.

It is recommended that electro-stimulation is used twice a week or a maximum of three times a week, always accompanied by physical exercise every day.

This type of exercise leaves the body activated for three days after finishing the routine, and with 15-minute sessions you already feel like your body is at maximum capacity.

Benefits of electrostimulation

Toning muscles using electrodes is a trend that has become very fashionable in recent years and is being used for more and more things apart from muscle toning, such as recovering from injuries or relieving muscle pain. The benefits of this new way of taking care of yourself are presented as follows.

  • Electro-stimulation provides greater muscular activation, provoking a great concentration of the fibers, and reaching muscle fibers that could not be stimulated through everyday training.
  • These treatments increase strength and muscle mass, as it works primarily the muscles and not the joints like most sports. This also means that there is minimal risk of injury, as they are not complicated or dangerous exercises
  • It is also proven that this treatment offers improved blood circulation, increased muscle elasticity and elimination of toxins.

Toning and weight loss

There are a number of frequently asked questions about electrostimulation and weight loss. The most typical one is whether you can only burn fat through this method, or whether you can transform fat into muscle.

The answer is easy, electrostimulation does not burn fat, nor can it convert it into muscle. What it does do is help you burn it off, since it accelerates this process, but only if accompanied by daily physical activity and a balanced diet.

In short, electro-stimulation helps you to lose weight, but only if you are constant with your diet and if you alternate it with regular physical exercise, whether it be walking, cycling, running, or any other aerobic exercise. Then you will lose fat faster.

In short, you can lose weight with electrodes, but you must follow a balanced diet and exercise daily, since this is what you normally have to do to burn fat. 

Electrodes help accelerate the fat burning process with as little as two sessions a week. This technique can provide an acceleration both for the toning of the muscles, helping the fibers to break down and gain more muscle mass, to gain resistance, and to lose fluids that are retained in the muscles.

Tone up with electrostimulation

Final conclusions

As we have seen, toning with electrodes is a quick and healthy way to do it, as long as you follow the right steps. In addition, it can help you lose weight, as long as it is accompanied by physical exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.