Training day of WB-EMS at Ramon Llull University

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Ramon LLULL-Wiemspro

Ramon Llull University, at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sport and Science, will take place one of the Spanish training events of the year in wireless whole-body electrostimulation thanks to Wiemspro S. L.

Our technical director Abraham Carlé Calo will take the assistants through many different theoretical and practical sessions where they will deepen into the different fields of knowledge that affect to in the correct treatment of our tool.

The faculty of Psychology and Educational Sport and Science at Ramon Llull’s University has the impressive experience of more than 65 years length at the service of training as a further step for the “Escola de Mestres Blanquerna”. Since its creation, the University Ramón Llull has created new studies about Psychology, Education, Sport and Speech Therapy. Nowadays there exist more than 3000 students, 250 teachers and 63 professionals about management and services. They bestow 7 degrees, 11 bachelor degrees, 4 doctoral studies and many different courses and diplomas.

The faculty of Psychology Wiemspro S. L. is a company born for trainers that are looking for taking their clients to the next level in their physical training. Furthermore, in the more than 4 year experience we have evolved towards a better freedom of movement, increasing the system features and its durability and comfortability.

Date: Saturday 24th of february
Time: From 10:00 am until 14:00 and 16:30 until 20:30
Place: Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sport and Science Blanquerna-Universitat Ramón Llull. C/Císter número 34, 08022 Barcelona.
Further (si vives en Cataluña); (si vives en Murcia, Comunidad Valenciana o Islas Baleares); (Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Euskadi, Navarra, La Rioja, Aragón o Castilla León); (Madrid, Castilla La Mancha o Extremadura); (Andalucía, Canarias, Ceuta o Melilla)
Places available: 60 (se ocuparán por estricto orden de reserva)
Prize: 0 €
Main organizer: Wiemspro S. L.
Partner: Universitat Ramon Llull-Blanquerna


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