Ultra Lithe EMS

Greater comfort and lightness

Wiemspro has several models of suits, which are characterised by how they perfectly adjust to the body. 

The Ultra Lithe electrostimulation suit offers the slimmest version of the Revolution Pro electrostimulation suit.
This equipment is for personal use, that is to say, it is not shared with other users.

Recurso 1

Fit & Flex

ajuste personal


tejido conductivo

Conductive Fabric


Two pieces

Be free

Ultra Lithe allows athletes to add EMS to any exercise in absolute comfort and help them achieve better results.

This electrostimulation suit consists of a waistcoat and trousers attached at the bottom and top respectively, and is made of materials that offer higher levels of flexibility and comfort during training sessions.

Ultralithe ems

Characteristics of the Ultra Lithe electrostimulation suit

Easy maintenance

Easy to use and store, everything has been designed so you can forget about maintenance tasks.

Fit & flex

The advance in the materials used has taken the suits to a superior level of flexibility and comfort for the user during their training sessions, increasing dynamism and functionality.

Plug & play

It minimises the time needed to adjust the suit to each client.

Interior wires

The in-house production of the cables guarantees optimal adaptation to the suit, making it possible to hide them in the inside to offer versatility and comfort.

It has a wide range of sizes in order to adjust the suit to all possible body shapes. The sizes range from 1 to 9, for both the vest and trousers, both can be combined in the way that best suits your needs.

 For further information about our electrostimulation suits, visit this section on Wiemspro video tutorials.