WB EMS wireless Wiemspro: Customised electrostimulation

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Experience the complete freedom and flexibility of the electrostimulation which the WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro provides. With its customised workout program, create personalised electric impulse profiles for your clients.

WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro. Your training customised to the full

The WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro is an innovative electrostimulation training program, which allows you to completely customise your muscle electrostimulation training programs, providing a more complete and personalised service to your clients.

WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro. Advantages

Before Wiemspro, sessions had to be stopped and switched several times in order to provide a specific program of electrostimulation for each exercise.

But Wiemspro technology has put an end to that. Not only can you save time and reduce inconvenience to the client with this innovative training program, but thanks to its latest generation wireless technology, you can configure the program for groups of clients training together, training differents groups of muscle for each one.

WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro. Applications

Imagine the benefits of personal training with full-body electrostimulation. Finally you can customise the impulse settings to adapt them perfectly to the needs of each part of the session. Mix strengthening exercises with cardiovascular ones, with the possibility to stimulate long- and short-muscle fibres independently; work on different goals at the same time in the same session. NOW IT IS POSSIBLE.

This innovative technology allows you to personalize your training, reaching a never-before-seen efficiency.

Be at the forefront of the personal training market by joining other personal trainers and their clients who have completely revolutionised their training concept with WB EMS Wireless Wiemspro.


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