Discover the new and revolutionary concept in Aesthetic Technology: Onnafit

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Discover the new and revolutionary concept in Aesthetic Technology Onnafit Beauty & Health

After years of experience and research carried out by the best professionals in the field of health and activity, a painless, non-invasive and respectful system with the body and, above all, 100% Effective is born. We present you Onnafit.

Our commitment: meet the objectives of your clients, and achieve visible and effective results in a few sessions thanks to the latest in Aesthetic Technology.

The Onnafit System combines the three best technologies that already work perfectly on the market, and that are scientifically tested. These three technologies are: LFU (Low Frequency Ultrasound), EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and Pressotherapy.

Thanks to this perfect synergy, the LEMFU (Low Electrostimulation Frequency Ultrasound) system was born.

We meet the objectives of your clients thanks to the Onnafit LEMFU system

Onnafit works because it combines the best of three technologies that, separately, are already effective, and together they form the perfect result that your clients are looking for.

The LEMFU system used by Onnafit manages to reduce the waist circumference, visibly improve the skin, shape and tone the figure, lose weight, eliminate fat in a targeted way, and improve the state of health in general.

How does the Onnfit LEMFU system work?

The LFU (Low Frequency Ultrasound) activates the subcutaneous fat tissue in the central area of ​​the body, getting the fatty acids stored in it to flow into the bloodstream.

On the other hand, we have Electrostimulation or EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) that works as follows: through electrodes strategically located in those most important muscle groups, such as: abdomen, lower back, buttocks, quadriceps and hamstrings, we send electrical impulses that generate muscle contractions, thus imitating the impulses sent by the nervous system. The difference is that these impulses are more intense and controlled, and work in the deeper muscle layers, which we could not activate otherwise.

During EMS treatment, metabolism is increased, which promotes oxidation or “burning” of these fatty acids. This effect can be accentuated for 48-72 hours. For this reason, thanks to Electrostimulation we burn more calories, we enhance muscle tone, we will see skin more flexible and improved thanks to the activation of circulation, we will effectively treat cellulite or orange peel skin, and we will reduce waist circumferences.

An added effect of the combination of EMS and LFU technologies is the stimulation of the production and quality of collagen, a very important protein to take care of our skin, joints, and promote the growth of hair and nails, among others.

Onnafit includes Pressotherapy in its treatment to promote lymphatic drainage. Pressotherapy consists of applying air pressure on different parts of the body that, together with electrostimulation, improves blood flow. As a result, the liquids accumulated in the legs are drained and recirculated, creating a perfect sensation of well-being, and eliminating the sensation of “loaded legs”, making this treatment a real pleasure. This technique is also characterized by promoting tissue oxygenation and recovering skin elasticity, facilitating tissue regeneration.

Discover this revolutionary system, scientifically tested and proven, with visible results in just 2 weeks.

What are the elements that compose Onnafit?

Onnafit is made up of three fundamental elements that make the benefits of this system multiply effectively and visibly.

Dansei, the electrostimulation pants

Dansei EMS pants are designed for your clients to achieve their goals in a comfortable, ergonomic and simple way. The primary electrodes are located on the gluteus, quadriceps, abdominals, lumbar, and hamstrings.

These muscles will be the ones that are favored by the effects of EMS, strengthening, toning, and eliminating flaccidity and fat from these areas.

Dansei, the electrostimulation pants Onnafit Beauty & Health

LFU Belt

The LFU belt is a fundamental element and does all its work in the core, remodeling localized fat, and making the combination of EMS and LFU multiply the effects and results exponentially.

Pressotherapy Boots

The mechanism of the Onnafit Pressotherapy boots works in the following way: it consists of a pair of leg straps with 6 chambers that are filled with air, and that with the help of a compressor, exert pressure on specific points of the legs. The application of this treatment favors blood flow, resulting in the drainage of accumulated fluids. 

Benefits of incorporating Onnafit in your aesthetic center

First of all, Onnafit is 100% Profitable and 100% Effective. It is painless and respectful of the body.

  1. Thanks to its incredible and visible results in a few treatment sessions, your clients will be able to achieve their goals, which is why Onnafit is synonymous with loyalty, motivation and commitment to your clients.
  2. Second, we offer competitive advantage and value. Onnafit’s LEMFU system is scientifically tested and offers visible results. Innovating is the best way to stand out from the competition and stand out from it, “in addition”, Onnafit offers the possibility of digitizing your aesthetic center thanks to its innovative software, available for all types of smartphones.
  3. It is profitable. No risks. The Onnafit system offers a rapid amortization, and an economic gain is obtained with short and effective treatment sessions.
  4. It is combinable. You can combine Onnafit’s LEMFU system with other beauty treatments in parallel, improving your average ticket, expanding your service portfolio, and offering effective and visible solutions to your client.

Now is the time. Try the latest in Aesthetic Technology by leaving us your details here. You will receive advice from our sales manager team on how to launch this project that will undoubtedly boost the growth of your commercial activity.

Discover the new and revolutionary concept in Aesthetic Technology Onnafit Beauty & Health