What is exactly the whole body electrostimulation?

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Have you heard about whole-body electrostimulation? Are you in a mess and you do not know whether to try it? Surely you have read and heard opinions of all kinds, often with little foundation. Today we are going to give you a simple explanation based on experience and real knowledge, not assumptions or beliefs.

Go! Discover what full-body electrostimulation really is!

 The keys to whole-body electrostimulation

The whole-body electrostimulation, best known as WB-EMS because of its English acronyms, must be understood as a complement that boost your training. That technology has been developed in order to offer an efficient and versatile tool to trainers.

For the purpose of performance your trainings you will dress your client up with a special suit which allows you to stimulate until 10 muscular groups while you do the workouts. The result: you will burn more calories during and after; in specific areas, your blood flow will be increased, and your strength levels will be boosted.

  “It enables to stimulate until 10 muscular groups while you do exercise”

As a trainer, why to use an electromyostimulation system?

Firstly, it will allow you to reduce the time that a training session requires, reaching same or better goals than with a conventional one. The concept that best defines that practices is EFFICIENCY. You will be able to offer more training sessions per day, increasing your incomes, being aware that you are meeting expectations.

Furthermore, if you bet for a wireless system like Wiemspro, you could performance group trainings in an easy way, what will boost profitability per hour, increasing the fun and commitment of your clients.

If what you are looking for is to improve services, not just increase it, you are pointing the right tool. You will work different goals at the same time without heavy workouts (if you decide it). Think about how many clients claim big goals but are not willing to do strength workout, finally you have the solution.

It is dangerous to use an electrostimulation suit?

The answer is simple: in good hands IS NOT dangerous

By following easy rules electrostimulation trainings have the same risks than other kind of trainings. The key is not to do a more intensive training that our client could hold. Many people attend to that training with preconceived the idea of having a deep feeling of working after training and during following days. That could lead to the trainer wish to impress his client by showing how hard the training can be. Serious mistake.

As in any training system, we should performance a previous adaptation phase. In addition, we have to know that having muscle pain after the training does not mean achieving better results.

Coul you help me to stan out among my competitors?

If you are thinking to use electro muscle stimulation in your trainings or business you should find a brand which provides guarantees of quality training and an optimized product. Run away from impressive salesman betting for a good quality technical support. Those are the basics and guarantees of Wiemspro.

We are pioneers and world reference in software and training technology developing. In fact it guarantees you to be at the forefront of the market, what is very appreciate for your clients. It has been shown that using emerging technologies increase sales volume and client loyalty in fitness centres.

Don´t miss the opportunity to recycle and learn about how to use the system which has come to stay indefinitely.

“The use of new technologies boost sales and customer loyalty”


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